MILO Marathon set to energize Filipinos from North to South

MILO® is gearing up to continue its legacy of fostering a culture of fitness and excellence in the Philippines with the highly anticipated National MILO® Marathon.

As MILO® continues to empower Filipinos to embrace active lifestyles, the National MILO® Marathon comeback reinvigorates its timeless legacy and heritage. Since 1974, MILO® has been synonymous with excellence, inspiring individuals to surpass limitations and pursue greatness. The revival of the longest-running marathon pays homage to the brand’s storied history and its unwavering dedication to promoting fitness across the nation.

The National MILO® Marathon also stands as a testament to the unwavering dedication of MILO to foster an active and healthy lifestyle. As a cornerstone of the nation’s running history, it holds the esteemed title of being the country’s longest-running and most prestigious marathon.

Save the date for 15 exciting legs in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao starting April 7 in Laoag, Batangas, and Mandaue – all of which will be happening simultaneously to kick off the National MILO® Marathon in a grand fashion!

Throughout its storied history, the National MILO® Marathon has paved the way for families, friends, and colleagues to stay active and start their champion journeys. From families with visually impaired children conquering mile after mile with unwavering determination to parents and children strengthening their bonds through the shared pursuit of physical excellence, the National MILO® Marathon has become a canvas where stories of triumph continue to unfold. 

Just as well, the National MILO® Marathon highlights MILO®’s enduring commitment to fostering values of grit, teamwork, and discipline. With this year’s series of marathons more elevated and bolder than ever, MILO® hopes to mold even more generations of champions – ones with the ambition to overcome challenges and reach new heights.

MILO® invites all Filipino runners, families, athletes, and kids to lace up their running shoes and be a part of the National MILO® Marathon! You can sign up now via starting February 12, 2024. Stay tuned for upcoming updates and announcements by checking out MILO®’s official Facebook page and official website

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