MIREJ Resort Hotel: Inspirational Getaway

SAN FRANCISCO, USA – Pampanga-based Hotelier Jeffrey Del Mundo recently concluded the last leg of his month-long US Tour in this city, drawing inspiration from distinctly designed hotels in the Pacific Coast for the soon to-be built MIREJ Resort Hotel inside the Clark Freeport.

Del Mundo went to Hawaii, Anaheim and Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, Las Vegas in Nevada, Malibu Island and San Francisco in California.

“Every traveler knows that unmistakable relief you feel stepping into a well-designed hotel. The sense of being an outsider in a foreign place fades, and the comfort of a welcoming lobby, cozy suite, or relaxing sceneries situates itself in your travel itinerary,” Del Mundo shared.

It was this soothing sense of arrival this Kapampangan Hotelier aimed to evoke.

“That experience when you first walk into a space, that immediately envelops you and makes you feel comfortable, is something I really appreciate about the hospitality world,” he added.

According to Del Mundo, his tour was not only rejuvenating, substantial and productive, but truly inspiring for MIREJ, without mentioning that he ran into some celebrities too.

MIREJ Resort recently broke ground next to Aqua Planet, as it plans to cater to tourists and visitors of the water theme park, expected to be the biggest in the Philippines once it opens its doors to the public this year.

A wholly-Filipino owned corporation named Medal Consortium Inc. (MCI) is the developer for MIREJ.

Skills and resources pooled together by five Filipinos from conception to completion gave birth to the name MEDAL: an acronym of the surnames Mercado, Del Mundo, Alvaro and Lim. MIREJ, meanwhile, was derived from their first names: Mark, Irineo, Ric, Edwin and Jeff.

Interestingly, MIREJ is a slang of French/Latin word Mirage meaning “Wonderful”.

It is indeed wonderful to see this self-made five Filipinos venturing into world-class resort.

The Mercado brothers (Mark & Ric) were some of the pioneers in the foreign exchange trading from the Middle East to North America.

Del Mundo and Ed Lim were known to locals because of their business interests, both inside and outside Clark.

While Irineo G. Alvaro Jr. PhD., popularly known as “Bong” was a three-term City Councilor and a City Administrator. His sterling record as a public servant is second to none. He authored resolutions and ordinances uplifting the lives of Angeleños.

A hiatus from the political limelight still did not deter him from providing a good life to his constituents. His business acumen into the hotel and resort industry generates much-needed employment for Angeleños and neighboring localities.

MIREJ will soon rise around century-old acacia trees, in harmony with nature.

Nature Redefines Hospitality. Hospitality Redefines Clark. And eventually, Redefines The City. — Allan Pineda, iOrbitnews US Bureau Correspondent


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