Muceno Open Food Park — Food, Booze and All of You

All hail the new dungeon of untamed tastebuds!

The Muceno Open Food Park, first in Angeles City and the largest food park in Pampanga is now in the battleground to invade your tummies with their delectable local and international flavors.

Muceno, named after the Nepomucenos, is owned by Dr. Ernie Nepomuceno, a true-blue Angeleǹo.

“Ang nauuso ngayon sa Manila ay mga gastro parks so we decided to bring it here in Pampanga since Kapampangas are die-hard foodies. Then we name it Muceno to avoid confusion since we already have the Nepo Mall and Nepo Quad,” Nepomuceno said.

This al fresco gastro hub is housing 25 hand-picked appetizing food stalls geared to attend to 200 hungry pals and nosy squads.

“The Muceno is also a family-friendly food park. The comfy ambiance will surely boost the customers’ appetite. And we also have a function area upstairs perfect for small birthday celebrations, baptism receptions and humble reunions.” Operations Manager Edward Ifurung added.

A must-try is the Bek’s Bibingka owned by Arnel San Pedro and wife Marivic (where the name Bek was derived) offer a year-round pleasure of our favorite rice cake, the bibingka.

A must-try is Bek’s Bibingka, which offers the all-time favorite flavored rice cakes or ‘bibingka’.

Triple Cheese: P 120
A generous blending of cream cheese, parmesan and cheddar with a highlight of crunchy pili nuts on top.

Pandan Bibingka: P 100
Bibingka with cream cheese filling swamped in Pandan juice concentrate creating a palatable aroma

Bibingka with bacon: P 85
The soft cushy rice cake jives with the crunch of bacon bits.

Bibingka with Ham: P 85
Bibingka espesyal crowned with salted duck egg and ham slices

Indeed a perfect dining destination, but where to surrender your cars? Adjacent to this 800-meter food park is a 900-meter secured parking space.

Voila! All you have to do now is to come and see the Muceno, indulge!

Muceno Open Food Park
Richtofen St. (near Hensonville Park) Hensonville, Angeles City Pampanga
Operating Hours: Open daily from 4:00 p.m. to 12 midnight –Larrica Angela Cunanan

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