NPA remnants, activities drop in Central Luzon

Remnants of the New People’s Army (NPA) in Central Luzon has declined since last year.

During the recent meeting of the Regional Peace and Order Council, Army 7th Infantry Division Commander Major General Angelito De Leon disclosed that in terms of manpower, the NPA has significantly dropped for the past three years with only 127 recorded manpower as of 2016.

“The number of affected barangays in the region has likewise been maintained at zero since 2012,” he furthered.

Moreover, NPA activities per province have likewise lowered while recorded activities are mostly in the tri-boundaries of the provinces.

Upon assessing the situation, De Leon disclosed that consistency in exerting effort against the activities of the group is critical since remnants will endeavor to restore their significance.

“The convergence of efforts by local government units and national government agencies to deliver basic services will hasten the conclusion of insurgency. Relative peace and security is favorable [to the residents of the region] and will bring more economic development here,” he stressed.