Official Statement on Re-assignments of Executives Involved in Admin Case

State-run Social Security System (SSS) on Thursday confirmed the re-assignments of its officials involved in an administrative case. It said the re-assignments of executives have been implemented in the exigency of service.

The SSS administration said the action will also pave way for an objective, transparent, and fair investigation of the on-going administrative complaint, and due process will be strictly observed in the investigation. Charges in the administrative complaint are still subject for further investigation.

Likewise, the re-assignments will avoid any suspicion that the on-going investigation will be white-washed.

SSS reiterated that it has institutionalized procedures to address administrative complaints. Such mechanisms ensure all parties are given due process.

SSS guarantees its members that the Investment Reserve Fund, which came from members’ contributions and investment income, is intact, well-protected, and professionally managed. The management would also like to assure its members that no SSS fund was used or compromised in the issue.