Orani village launches ‘Buko/Kape Festival’

The local government of Orani town in Bataan and the religious sector in an upland village here, Barangay Tala — known for its popular mountain resorts, majestic sceneries and colorful gardens — will be launching for the second time their “Buko/Kape Festival.”

Donna Sapungan, the overall coordinator of the event said the festivities will culminate on February 11 of this year, highlighting a colorful street dancing competition in their major roads to showcase the rich culture of their barangay which is known for its own specie and unique blend of coffee and bountiful harvest of coconuts.

The event is being organized by the St. Josephine Bakhita Parish Church in cooperation with the barangay council led by village chief, Kap. Oliver Laluna.

“We are inviting dance groups from the 11 towns and one component city of our province to participate in our street dancing competition,” Sapungan told iOrbit News.

The competition is open to all male and female dance groups with 30 to a maximum of 50 members including props men with ages from 10 to 18 years old.

Its concept or theme for dance performance, props and costumes must depict around the combination of culture, values and traditions revolving the so called “tree of life” (coconut) and the world’s most popular drink— coffee.

Each performance will use CD or any recorded materials and shall be limited to 7 to 10 minutes excluding the entrance into and exit from the performance area. The use of flammable materials such as pyrotechnics as part of the performance is strictly prohibited.

Prizes at stake include P20,000 for the first prize; P15,000 for the 2nd prize; 10,000 3rd prize; P5,000 for the 4th prize and P3,000 for the 5th prize winner. The best in costume winner will receive P3,000 and the festival queen will take home P3,000.

Aside from the street dancing competition, the houses along the major streets of Barangay Tala will be decorated with flowers and fruits that abound the said village. Special awards and cash prizes will be given by major sponsors to the houses with most attractive decors to be judged by visitors from other province or town.

For interested groups, they are advised to contact these numbers 0946-2331471 (Donna); 0906-0033653 (Jessa Mae); and 0947-6910182(Aileen). –Mhike R. Cigaral

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