Perspective shifting path

You are lying in bed one morning. Suddenly the rain starts pouring. You are in your house so you can hear the rhythmic r melodic raindrops playing on top of your roof. Such a soothing sound, such a pleasant day – you sighed.

However, on the other side of the road, someone planned an open garden wedding that day. The surprise coming of the rain gives unpleasant emotion to this person. The supposedly calming sound sends shiver in his skin. Causing restlessness and anxiety. Everything is ruined, he muttered in anguish,

The rain drops, it’s sound and graceful trickle remained the same.
What’s happening here?

The way you react to event shows your mindset. It bares your soul. Who you really are inside. Your perspective is your speech in silence.

In life, the same case applies. A pleasing event could be unappealing to some while others a celebration.

The man in the house could view the rain as a disaster and it’s pouring sound as annoyance. The man who planned the wedding probably could see it as a sign of wonderful blessing and a good luck coming from the heavens.

Perspective is a creation of the mind. Usually how the mind creates is in accordance to the imbedded beliefs instilled during childhood and from experiences. The way you see things shows who you are and how you are. The scars you were deeply hiding submerge in every words uttered. The fears you try to mask through your confidence and knowledge will one by one pop up, through the way you approach circumstances. You may glide carefully for it not to be noticed or be reckless with your words or actions. But just the same, the quick catches the fly.

I challenge you to write 3 difficult scenarios whereas your patience and morals were challenged. Journal how you reacted to it. Do you have remorse – feeling you could have handled it better? If yes, how? List it all down.

This is a practice to address issues that still bothers your mind, perhaps even your heart. It is a healing that you can use to forgive yourself, those that caused you hurt and to give yourself a chance to reform.

By realizing that each of us is in the process of evolving. Given each a card to deal with. Our compassion awakens. Some take time to see the point of their course and some gets the message right away. Accepts without qualms and flow through the bumpy tunnel – reaching its end victoriously. While others struggle. Still trying to figure it out.

Detoxify your mind. Flush out all the noise inside your head which causing you not to hear the enlivening whispers of the truth. Put your mind to still. Be free from the chains of unkind situations you have been and from the harsh sights you have witnessed. Those are gone now. They are not part of you even if you think so.

Meditate. Listen to your breath coming in and out effortlessly. A remembrance that you are alive and in control. That you can still re-mold yourself as you wish. Yes, you have that capacity and power. Yes, the time to start is now.


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