PHISGOC partners with MILO for 30th SEA GAMES

Philippine South East Asian Games Organizing Committee (PHISGOC) Chair and Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano thanked MILO for supporting the 30th South East Asian Games.

He recognized MILO for “putting action into faith” after more than 40 decades of unwavering support for Philippine sports. As an advocate for sports, Speaker Cayetano also appreciated their efforts to help the Filipino athletes, put value into sports and promote every child’s health.  

“We all know that in sports, whether it’s the coaches, the parents of the athletes, the athletes, the fans that are cheering their idols on, they’re full of faith. But it is really when the athletes focus, they give their all, commitment, passion, sacrifice where faith becomes alive.” Cayetano said during the launching of the MILO partnership with PHISGOC for the SEA games hosting in Manila.

He also assured the public that the stakeholders in sports and the organizing committee are now united and are putting all action into their faith.  

Cayetano noted that there were a number of challenges and difficulties in preparing for the international multi-sport event especially because of the delay and the reduction of the SEA games budget.

But with the support of MILO and other private sector partners, PHISGOC is positive that the SEA games hosting will be successful.   

The PHISGOC Chief also stressed that the organizing committee together with Philippine Sports Commission and Philippine Olympic Committee are stepping up the procurement of the sports equipment and other supplies that will be used for the forthcoming events.

He called the Philippine hosting of the SEA games as a golden opportunity to relaunch the Filipino brand and reinvigorate sport tourism in the country.

“By putting the Southeast Asian Games in the Philippines in a new city outside of Metro Manila, we are re-launching the new Filipino brand.” Cayetano explained.

The PHISGOC Chief believes that our leaders need to learn and appreciate the commitment, passion and sacrifice of the Filipino athletes as these traits are necessary to help achieve the President’s vision — “safe and comfortable” life for every for everyone.

The House Speaker lamented that the previous administration failed to invest on the Filipino athletes and sports facilities. But Cayetano hopes that under the vision of the President, the hosting of the 30th SEA games will jumpstart Philippine Sports, which he called as the “soul of the nation”

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