Press pause to make 2023 a wonderful year for you

While you set your personal goals to achieve on the year of the peace loving water rabbit. Press pause.

In farming, the farmer doesn’t just throw away the seeds in the soil to grow them. He prepares the land first. He gets rid of the weeds, dirt, toxins. Nurture and fertilize it. Making sure there’s enough water and sunlight to produce healthy crops. He then arranges the plot, barricade it. To protect it from harmful invaders that could possibly stunt the growth of his plants or worse. After when everything is well laid out, he starts planting.

In life, the same principle if applied, everyone will always have a good harvest. As we layout our plans, what I observed that most crowd overlooked is the soil preparation.

Do you know that the place where you live and often stay has an impact on you psychologically? Which means, affects the way you think, your attitude and your mood.

Tidy up. Clear and organize the mess on your desk, in your closet, the whole place. Declutter. Give away the things that you don’t use anymore. Perhaps some items have sentimental attachment to you, let go of them anyway. With this practice of detachment, things will lose control over you.

As you make your place cleaner, a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of lightness, take charge. According to Dana Dorfman, a psychotherapist, from Manhattan, our brain can process more clearly and efficiently in an organized space.  

There were many science-based studies conducted regarding the subject. People who stay in a messy place experience chaos, negative thoughts, clouded mind, foul mood, lethargy. While those who are in a polished, orderly one display bright mindset, confidence, happiness and more likely to succeed in their endeavors.

Your residence is your ground of victory or failure. Clean up not only the material objects but as well as your relationship among those in your abode or around you. Harmonize. Learn how to forgive and move on. Practice daily gratitude. Be respectful. Eat smartly. Embrace healthy habits. Become a source of joy to you and to others. Smile a lot.

These simple actions will serve as the force beneath your wings to arrive to the goals you set for yourself. Not only this new year, but on the next years to come.

Anyone can find dirt in someone and in every single thing. Be the one that finds the gold.


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