Pyra kicked out of VACC, may face cases

MABALACAT CITY – Pyra Lucas, the self-proclaimed anti-corruption crusader just found herself in disgrace as the Volunteer Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) kicked her out of their organization.

In its Board Resolution No. 3 issued recently , the VACC has “expelled and removed (Pyra) as member and as Region 3 Coordinator.”

The Resolution added that “PYRA LUCAS is prohibited, banned and barred from representing herself as member and regional coordinator of the organization from using and invoking VACC in any and all her activities or endeavors, and from acting and representing in behalf of the organization, its officers and members.”

Lucas was given a copy of the Board Resolution in a transmittal letter signed byno less than VACC President Arsenio “Boy” Evangelista and VACC Chairman Socorro “Cory” Quirino.

 It was certified on April 4, 2019 by VACC Secretary Manjinder Kumar. The expulsion and ban stemmed from a complaint filed with VACC by Spouses Paul and Erlinda Santos who were “offered her (Pyra) services to facilitate the favorable and expeditious disposition of the Petition for Review filed by their son, Rurik Earl, pending before the DOJ for rape and requested P2,200,000.00.

for said purpose.” The Resolution states: “the total amount of P1,200,000.00 was in fact received by Pyra Lucas in three occasions, July 24, August 22 and September 11, 2017.”

“SPS made numerous demands to Pyra Lucas the favorable and expeditious disposition of the mentioned case or return the money they gave to her, that Pyra Lucas failed to deliver despite lapse of time and that in fact the said Petition was denied by DOJ.”

The allegations against Pyra were corroborated by one Andy Magno and one Mary Ann Tabuzo, both members of the VACC, who introduced former with the Santos couple.

“Her expulsion from the organization is without prejudice to the filing of appropriate cases against her,” the Secretary’ Certificate added.

“The acts of Pyra Lucas seriously and utterly undermine and violate to the basic principles and policies of the organization to fight crime and corruption and to support and assist the victims…”

The VACC gave Pyra a chance to explain herself in a meeting with some members of the Board on February 10, 2019 where she promised to return the P1.2 million.

In that meeting, she claimed that she acted in her personal capacity and not as member of the VACC and that she did not benefit from the money.

“PYRA LUCAS has failed to return the money she received from the SPS SANTOS and has put the organization in bad light,” the Resolution added.

In a subsequent letter dated February 28, 2019, Evangelista and Quirino also directed Pyra to submit her answer but has failed to do so.

“The failure of Pyra Lucas to submit her answer despite notice is deem a waiver her right to submit her defense and resolves the case be decided based on available evidence.” –Press Release

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