Rain drops

Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness, has never danced in the rain.

Rainy season is finally here. Living in the beautiful slope of the mountain surrounded by dashing greens and enchanting blooms has its price to pay. During the summer, we face water shortage. We depend solely from the mountain spring water supply. That is why on the onset of rainy season, you will understand, why farmers and food growers in Alaya (Arayat) mountain, joyously celebrates each drop of the pour with gratification. 

While we acknowledge the perpetual benefits that we get from the rain, we also understand that major caution should be observed, for a long lists of infection related diseases will surely arise. Rain water brings numerous diseases every year due to the damaging bacterias and viruses it brings along with it. The heavy rains and windy environment causes many disease like diarrhea, cold and flu, bronchial related infections, food poisoning, malaria, dengue, leptospirosis and stomach system disorder.

Here are some tips to protect yourself from catching a disease brought about by rain: Keep your home and surroundings always clean, so as not to attract mosquitoes and germs. Apply a reliable insect repellent lotion onto your skin, avoiding the eye area. Cover yourself well or wear full sleeved clothes when going out. Avoid visiting crowded and untidy places to reduce your risk of viral and bacterial infections. Drink only boiled water or well purified water. 

Prefer to eat freshly cooked food and place your leftover inside the refrigerator right away. Make sure your home is clutter free – mosquitoes and other pathogens are attracted to dark messy areas. Indoors plants with their pots, should be always inspected, it might already be housing some harmful microorganisms and used as their breeding ground. Make it a habit to clean and disinfect your place regularly. Wash and soap your hands before and after eating especially when coming from outside. Avoid touching your nose, eyes, mouth and food, with your unwashed hands.

Play it safe this wet season and embrace a holistic lifestyle. Consume a healthy diet, supplement with powerful vitamins and minerals, choose an easy and fun exercise, have a positive mindset amidst uncertainties, arrange a date with friends or family virtually and laugh as much as you can, have an adequate sleep, allot a quiet time or meditation for your mind wellness, and most importantly, keep yourself away from mosquito populated spots. 

If you or a family member especially children feels nauseous, feverish, chilly, vomiting, do not take it lightly. Have yourself checked immediately. Symptoms can be misleading, and develop into a more serious life threatening condition.


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