‘Refill Revolution’ launched to cut disposable waste materials

To address the problem in solid waste materials such as disposable package items, the Environmental Management Bureau( (EMB) of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in Central Luzon together with the municipal government of Guiguinto on Friday launched “Refill Revolution,” a new type of war to lessen the production of waste products.

The campaign was launched as part of Earth Day celebration in reducing disposable wastes materials.

The “revolution” was initiated at the Guiguinto Municipal Athletic and Cultural Center and was witnessed by regional and provincial DENR officials, Governor Wilhelmino Sy-Alvarado and Guiguinto Mayor Ambrosio “Boy” Cruz Jr..

As part of his commitment to the campaign, Cruz said the municipal government of Guiguinto will provide water dispenser to every department offices and urged employees to bring their own glasses or cups in getting drinking water.

Governor Alvarado lauded the conspiracy of the DENR and the municipal government of Guiguinto in coming up with a “revolution” to lessen the number of packaging materials wastes that will serve as a model not only to the province but as well as to the whole country.

The governor also pointed out that each one of us has the responsibility to the environment and encourages everyone to protect Mother Nature by cleaning the environment of its garbage and by planting trees.

The war against package waste materials is a series of one-day refilling events in selected venues in Central Luzon that started in Guiguinto until November this year.

Participants will be asked to bring their own bottles and containers to refill their condiments supply (vinegar, soy sauce, fish sauce including cooking oil), toiletries and other household essentials in a specified outlet.

Lormelyn Claudio, EMB Central Luzon director, explained that for every bottle that is refilled will mean one less bottle to be produced.

Decreasing the amount of waste created by a disposable packaging material will be a very difficult task, but with the implementation of these different refill processes, it may still be possible, Claudio added.

She noted the concept of a refill station is seen as a viable solution to significantly reduce packaging waste materials without compromising the price or quality of liquid products. –ELOISA SILVERIO

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