Santa Baby Crawl at SM San Fernando Downtown

Ready. Set. Crawl! 18 speedy tots battled it out to win in the first-ever Downtown Santa Baby crawling competition. Dozens of families cheer on their children in the contest held at SM City San Fernando Downtown recently in a race that sees baby against baby. While some of the babies excel and finish in a matter of seconds others get easily distracted and start crawling into different lanes and get in the way of other competitors. Sat at the finish line, other relatives use the babies’ favorite toys, keys and even phones to attract the baby towards the end. Ten thousand worth of SM Gift Passes plus baby loot bags are given away as prizes to the winning babies. Lana Erroba, Mall Manager of SM City San Fernando Downtown, said: “Watching the parents using anything form toys, bottles and phones to money to get them to win was hysterical.” Some of the babies swerve off into the wrong lane but that just adds to the charm. “Its all a part of family bonding.”

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