Sharp at CEATEC Japan 2017

TOKYO – Sharp Corporation will take part in CEATEC Japan 2017, to be held at the Makuhari Messe convention center (Mihama-ku, Chiba City). This comprehensive annual exhibition runs from October 3 (Tuesday) to October 6 (Friday) and bills itself as the CPS (Cyber Physical System) and IoT (Internet of Things) Exhibition.

Under the Sharp corporate vision announced in May 2017 – “Changing the world with 8K and AIoT” – Sharp booth will center around “AIoT World” and “8K World.” In one, all-encompassing space, Sharp will present leading-edge Sharp products, technologies, and services that offer users a familiar and convenient digital life, along with Sharp 8K Ecosystem. Sharp invites attendees to visit Sharp booth and enjoy a hands-on sensory experience.

In addition, Sharp will exhibit unique products and proprietary technologies under the new Sharp corporate motto, “Be Original.”

Location of Sharp Booth

Home & Lifestyle Area Hall 3 H117

Exhibit Highlights

Through an exhibition consisting of Three Stages and Four Experience Zones, Sharp invites attendees to enjoy the multi-sensory experience of cutting-edge Sharp products, technologies and services.

Three Stages

1. Corporate Vision Stage

A look at Sharp’s corporate vision and highlights of the various booths

2. AIoT World Stage

Sharp’s dream for the near future: People-oriented smart digital living that connects users to their society with comfort, convenience, and heart

3. 8K World Stage

A place to experience the power, realism, and depth of 8K, and to see what Sharp’s 8K world of the future holds

Four Experience Zones

1. AIoT Products Experience Zone

Experience future lifestyles made possible by the linking of numerous products and services.

2. 8K Product Experience Zone

Come and see how 8K displays are opening up new applications.

3. Display Gallery

Sharp proudly presents an exhibit of products that make practical applications of Sharp proprietary displays technologies.

4. New Initiatives Experience Zone

Exhibits and demonstrations of unique products and proprietary technologies show the keys to the new businesses of the future.

Exhibition Contents Details

Three Stages

1. Corporate Vision Stage

Using a multi-screen video wall display that combines 16 ultra-narrow bezel 70-inch professional displays into a 4 x 4 array to achieve resolution equivalent to 8K, Sharp will show narrated video that introduces Sharp corporate vision.

2. AIoT World Stage

Inside the home, IoT products learn users’ habits and preferences, and seamlessly combine with knowledge from life outside the home in order to provide optimal services. It’s smart digital living that connects users to their society with comfort, convenience, and heart.

3. 8K World Stage

Using video recorded with an 8K camera, Sharp will introduce the 8K Ecosystem, which plants the seeds for new industries and generates social innovations around a nucleus of ultra-high-definition 8K video technologies.

Four Experience Zones

1. AIoT Products Experience Zone

– Smart Home Products

Sharp present examples of collaborations of AIoT-related products and various COCORO+ services that Sharp takes pride in, while also giving demonstrations related to further expansion in the future. To support busy working housewives while enhancing the dinner table, Sharp’s smart kitchen provides a Meal Kit Delivery Service that makes full use of AIoT through tie-ups with food processing companies. Attendees will also experience the evolution of AQUOS: from an appliance that merely relays television broadcasts to an AIoT TV that is an integral part of users’ daily lives.

– AIoT Solutions

In addition to presenting solutions based on AIoT products such as Home Assistant and RoBoHoN, Sharp will also introduce the AIoT Platform and industry-specific solutions, as well as solutions through alliances with other companies.

– Smart Office

Sharp will show new work solutions ideal for smart offices made possible by linking smart-connected collaboration spaces, table displays, and Sharp’s high-resolution BIG PAD interactive LCD monitors. Visitors can experience the BIG PAD by trying out its intuitive touch-operation and by seeing firsthand the convenience of conference support functions based on practical applications of AI.

In addition, Sharp will introduce the concept of convenient “huddle” meetings free of location constraints, made possible by combining a 40-inch BIG PAD and batteries.

– Smart ECO

Sunlight falling on the roof is converted to electricity, and sunlight shining into windows is used to light the room. Home Assistant delivers a smart and ecological lifestyle that maximizes natural energy so residents can minimize their electricity bills. Its cloud-based HEMS (Home Energy Management System) works together with storage batteries to optimally manage the electricity generated.

2. 8K Product Experience Zone

By watching an 8K-compatible TV aimed at general consumers that will be released this December, visitors to this zone can feel the realistic sense of presence and immersion that is only possible with the super-high-definition images of 8K.

3. Display Gallery

Visitors can get a firsthand look at products and applications based on display technologies that Sharp is proud to have developed. The world’s highest resolution HMD/IGZO technologies make potential new products possible, including Super Wide Displays that render highly realistic images and large amounts of information based on an ultra-high-definition display (1008 ppi), as well as integrated instrument panel solutions for the age of the connected car, such as a Driving Assistant, which is built around a circular display. We will also introduce an 8K-compatible 27-inch HDR monitor for use as a broadcast master monitor or for medical and security applications. Also exhibited will be a transparent signage projector capable of projecting images onto plate-glass show windows and other glass surfaces. We invite attendees to come and view space-saving installations and rear (transmissive) projection scenarios.

4. New Initiatives Experience Zone

– bitescan is a new health care tool that promotes health by helping people chew their food better

Attendees can experience how bitescan promotes good health: simply fit it over your ears to measure the number and speed of chewing strokes while you are eating, then link with the cloud and AI technologies for suggestions on improving your chewing.

– AGEs Sensor simply and easily measures the level of accumulated AGEs (advanced glycation end-products)

AGEs (advanced glycation end-products) have been attracting attention in recent years due to their connection to the human aging process. By measuring the actual level of AGEs accumulated in the body, visitors can check where they rank by comparing accumulation levels with other individuals of the same age.

– funband targets professional baseball fans and is being developed in collaboration with three Japanese professional baseball teams

Sharp will give attendees a firsthand look at funband, a new initiative that utilizes the AIoT platform being deployed together with the three teams (Hiroshima Toyo Carp, Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks, and Yokohama DeNA Bay Stars).

– Outdoor Autonomous Mobile Monitoring Robot–commercial remote monitoring system

Sharp will be exhibiting a robotic unit, already on the market in the United States, that is used for remote monitoring of large factories and warehouses. Visitors will see the system in action as it uses its operating software and camera-guided monitoring functions.

– TEKION LAB–an internal corporate venture from Sharp’s R & D Business Group

TEKION LAB, an internal corporate venture, was launched in March of this year. Its focus is the application of cold storage materials–developed using Sharp’s proprietary thermal energy storage technologies–to the field of gourmet food. We present a look at the future of food, including an insulated bag that enables users to enjoy alcohol stored at subzero temperatures and a special cold tray for chocolates.

– Sharp Open Incubation “SHARP IoT.make Bootcamp”

This program was launched in October of last year to support start-up companies that utilize manufacturing technologies and know-how that Sharp has nurtured over the course of many years. We present videos focusing on interviews with administrators and participants who have brought the energy and enthusiasm of new business ideas to Sharp and have been an integral part of creating new ecosystems with these business ventures.

*AIoT is a visionary concept combining AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (the Internet of Things) to link everything to the artificial intelligence of the cloud. This transforms the cloud into a familiar and convenient home for a user’s digital life. AIoT is a registered trademark of Sharp Corporation.

About Sharp Corporation

Sharp Corporation (TSE: 6753) is a worldwide developer of innovative products and core technologies that play a key role in shaping the future of electronics. As a leader in liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and digital technologies, Sharp offers one of the broadest and most advanced lines of consumer electronics, information products and electronic components, while also creating new network businesses. For more information, please

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