Hitachi Automotive Systems’ ADAS ECU Used in the New Nissan LEAF

TOKYO – Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd. today announced that its Advanced Driver Assistance System Electronic Control Unit (ADAS ECU) was selected for use in Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.’s completely redesigned Nissan LEAF, which commenced sales in September 2017.

ADAS ECUs are core products of ADAS, and feature multiple integrated driving support systems such as Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), collision mitigation braking, and lane departure warning systems, all within a single controller.

Hitachi Automotive Systems has established a mass production track record for ADAS ECUs since its first installation in the 2009 Nissan Fuga, and it has been used in the Nissan LEAF since 2015.

The completely redesigned Nissan LEAF features ProPILOT, an autonomous drive technology designed for highway use in single-lane traffic, and ProPILOT Parking, a full-scale automatic parking system. ProPILOT supports drivers by autonomously controlling the accelerator, brake, and steering in two different scenarios: traffic jams and extended periods of high-speed cruising on highways. ProPILOT Parking is the first full-scale automatic parking system for Japanese vehicles that automatically controls all parking operations, including the accelerator, brake, steering wheel, gear shift, and parking brake. Hitachi Automotive Systems supports ProPILOT’s functions through our ADAS ECU. The completely redesigned Nissan Leaf is the third ProPILOT-equipped vehicle model that uses our ADAS ECU, following the completely redesigned Nissan Serena in August 2016, and the partially redesigned Nissan X-Trail in June 2017.

Moving forward, Hitachi Automotive Systems will continue to support automotive manufacturers in the practical application of vehicle-equipped autonomous driving technology and its increasing adoption.

About Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.
Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The company is engaged in the development, manufacture, sales and services of automotive components, transportation related components, industrial machines and systems, and offers a wide range of automotive systems including engine management systems, electric power train systems, drive control systems and car information systems. For more information, please visit the company’s website jp/en/.

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