Sinukwan Festival Kicks Off At Hilton Clark Sun Valley Resort

The kick-off ceremony for the 26th Sinukwan Festival (SF) commenced at the distinguished picturesque mountain landscape outdoor venue of Hilton Clark Sun Valley Resort’s Lawn today, November 30.

The much-awaited Sinukwan Festival 2023 is a significant event that pays homage to Pampanga’s cultural heritage. It links the Cabalens their past values, customs, and traditions, fostering unity and national pride. This festival in Central Luzon, particularly in Pampanga, venerates the ancient Kapampángan god Áring Sinukuán.

The inaugural event marked the beginning of the Sinukwan Festival 2023, it unfolded with traditional performances, a keynote speech, and press conference with discussions about its history and importance.

Scheduled from December 2-8 with the theme: “Kayanakan Manimuna, Masabal King Kultura Ing Kapyestan Ngening Banwa”, the festival aims to showcase the vibrant spirit of Kapampángan culture.

SF member cultural artist Peter De Vera said that the fest is an opportunity to showcase its arts and cultural activities by tapping the youth and the next generations to lead the event in the years to come. “The Sinukwan Festival mirrors our roots, showcasing our beginnings like an enduring shadow that’s always with us, impossible to detach” he added.

This year’s edition of the revelry has a wide array of special events to lure tourists to the province again in the post-pandemic season. Events include: Food & crafts fair; Gayat at piblas; Bayung piblas na ning Aring Sinukwan; Kapampangan dance workshop; Drum & lyre competition elementary & high school; Siuala ning Suli by Paper Soul; Patenakan; Kapampangan dance workshop competition; Lakan at Lakambini Ning Sinukwan Talapagobra; Original Kapampangan Music Performances; Lakan at Lakambini ning Sinukwan Pre-pageant; Kurang-kurang; Kapampangan hip-hop competition; Prinsesita ning Sinukwan; Lakan at Lakambini ning Sinukwan Coronation; On the spot photo contest; Street dance competition Levels 1 & 2; Free interpretative dance competition Levels 1 & 2; and Awarding ceremonies on December 8 at Robinsons Starmills.

Led by a board of trustees and organized by the Foundation for Lingap Kapampangan Inc (FLKI) / Save Pampanga Movement, the festival celebrates the essence of Kapampangan culture through cultural revivals, street dances, contests, trade fairs, and more.

It began in 1998 to uplift spirits during challenging times and has grown to include various towns, uniting communities to honor the deity of agriculture, fertility, and music—Sinukwan.

The board of trustees comprises Chairman Jose Lazatin, President Engr. Ferdinand Caylao, Vice President Dr. Lourdes Javier, Treasurer Theresa Laus, Secretary Atty. Mariano Domingo Santiago, Trustees Rolando Rodriguez and Irwin Nucum, along with Council of Advisers Dr. Elita Flor Umali and Rev. Fr. Restituto Lumanlan. Additionally, the members include Sinukwan Festival 2023 Hermana Mayor/Chairperson and CLTV 36 president Sonio Soto, renowned artist Peter De Vera, Fernando Santos, Myrna Bituin, city tourism officer Ching Pangilinan, Engr. Engracio Sapnu Jr., and mediaman Wency Marin, with Zenaida Canlas serving as the administrative assistant.

First-time visitors to the province can access event details and updates from Facebook pages City of San Fernando, Pampanga Tourism Office and Sinukwan Festival to ease entry by the general public.

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