Six executions daily: Duterte

Six executions daily or 2,190 death row convicts hanged each year once the death penalty is restored.
That is what President Rodrigo Duterte wanted to see once the death penalty is restored in the country.
Former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has abolished capital punishment in 2006.
Duterte said he sought the restoration of death penalty “because I want to use it against you (criminals).” “Restore it and I will execute criminals every day – five or six. That’s for real.”
Duterte said Capital Punishment would serve as retribution for those who committed serious crimes.
The President was clashing head on with the Roman Catholic Church, which was opposing the restoration of death penalty. Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle urged Filipinos to give “sinners the chance and should not be eliminated.”
    The church leaders have been vocal against the revival of the death penalty for heinous crimes.
Allies of Duterte in the Lower House, however, have supported the bill restoring death penalty.
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