SM Cinema launches 1st Sine Sindak Horror Film Festival

To celebrate Halloween, SM Cinema brings horror films back to the big screen from October 24 to 28, 2018.

SM Cinema teams up with CrystalSky Multimedia, a key distributor of international horror films. For only P99.00, moviegoers can enjoy one horror film, and P199.00 earns them a one-day pass.

These are the eight films fans can watch nationwide:

The Hoarder

A young woman trapped in an underground facility finds herself being haunted by a deranged killer.

The Dead Room
Inspired by an urban legend in New Zealand, three ghost hunters were asked to investigate a haunted house protected by a powerful spirit.

Hollow One
Years after the death of her mother, Rachel Wade and her sister go to an isolated community and find their missing father. The two struggle for survival as they confront their family’s dark history and a mysterious figure.

Darkness Rising
A lone survivor of a family massacre tries to visit their old house together with her friends. Instead of finding answers, they must face the detrimental evil residing there.

Urban Evil
Urban Evil follows the story of a mutant boy who suffers strange exorcisms in his home town.

The Evil In Us
A woman fights for her life as her friends took a mysterious drug that turned them into cannibals.

The Lost Case

The Lost Case is Thai movie which focuses on the pre-production of two recently employed assistants as they encounter child murder and demonic possessions.

Sinister Circle
A psychologist tries to investigate as she and her son discover an old Ouija owned by her mother. A diabolic strength has woken up the two will be involved in a series of strange events.

–Anne Katherine Bulaun / AUF Intern

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