Some unemployed are not poor

Does surveys really reflect the reality on the ground? Is it safe to say they are accurate despite the three percent reserved for a possible intake in getting the public pulse? Now the next question is: Who are poor? Who are rich? Who belong to the middle classes, upper and lower?

Recently, survey firms are telling us that 9.4 million households rated themselves poor. So it was those who were interviewed who said they are poor. Maybe many of them are not really that poor. Us, or shall we say, many of us, we really don’t tell what we is real and true.

I remember a story told many times by friends in the tennis club where we play cards on weekends. One friend of mine is ‘kristo’ in a cockpit and he always remind us that only in a boxing match you will know who won, because the referee will raise the hand of the victor.

Try to ask anyone among the aficionados who who’s racking up bets, and more than 80% will say they are losing. Those with big wins will tell you they are just but even. And those who are losing few pesos will claim they already parted with bundles. In short, nobody is really telling the truth. Sorry to say to the SWS people that they can never been close to accuracy.

Even the unemployment rate in the Philipines will be very difficult to determine. I don’t have the number of cockpits in the country, but there are at least one in a town and two or three in big cities. The ‘kristos’ are never considered to be employed. And ‘runners’, gaffe men, cock trainers, vendors, referees and several other works are available during cock derbies.

Jueteng bet collectors cannot be considered poor. I know many of them personally and they were able to send their kids to college. They enjoy family outings on weekends at the malls and sometimes they throw lavish birthday parties.

But in a public meeting, if someone from a government agency will ask who are poor and request that those who are may raise their hands, expect a majority. But with the imposition of new taxes after that tax reform package sponsored by Senator Sonny Angara and signed into law by President Digong many will really be poor. That’s an easy way to make more Filipinos poor.Thanks, but no thanks.

Was President Duterte really comfortable when he was saying that the tax reform bill he signed is his gift to the Filipino people? Are you kidding Mr. President? The high excise taxes on oil and fuel in what you signed will increase basic prices to the roof. No outrage yet. But slowly but surely prime commodities are eating on the disposable incomes. Rice, the main staple of our countrymen has also increased in prices, says Bantay Bigas, a multi-sectoral alliance watchdog.As they say, some people in high places always assumed that outrage easily die down in this country. And as if they expect one in mid 2018.

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