Suspension order vs Bulacan mayor put on hold

The Department of Interior Local Government (DILG) in Bulacan on Friday put on hold the suspension order released by the Office of the Ombudsman against San Ildefonso Mayor Carla Galvez-Tan, a move described by complainants as a “delaying tactic.”


The complainants — Vice Mayor Luis Sarrondo together with municipal councilors Alexander Galvez, Eriberto Magbitang , Roderick Salvador and Edgardo Vergel on August 4, 2017 filed a complaint of Grave Misconduct, Abuse of Authority/ Oppression and Conduct Prejudicial to the Best Interest of the Service with prayer for preventive suspension against Mayor Galvez-Tan.

Sarrondo and his fellow complainants expressed dismay over the action of the DILG-Bulacan.

“They are making some strategies just to delay the serving of the decision,” Sarrondo said.


The Ombudsman based on the nine-pages decision order dated April 19, 2018 signed by Conchita Carpio-Morales and members of prosecution panel Maritess Vizconde, Adoracion Agbada and Gil Felix Hidalgo, directed the DILG to implement its decision.

Sarrondo’s camp on Wednesday was informed by Provincial Director Darwin David of the Bulacan DILG the order will be served the next day (Thursday) but it was put on hold after one of the pages (page 5) of the ORDER was missing.

Sarrondo was again advised by David the next day that they have the complete pages of the decision and ready to serve by 1pm on Friday.

At 2pm, a call was received by Sarrondo from the DILG Bulacan informing them the Central Office allegedly issued a hold order of the implementation of the suspension order prompting the complainant to ask for a copy. He was advised to get the copy at the provincial office in Malolos.

When Sarrondo’s men arrived at the DILG office of Bulacan, they were told they cannot have it since the Central Office told them not to release it.

“I believed that this is part of their delaying tactics, it’s really surprising that despite of the immediate implementation directed by the Ombudsman… this is what happening here in our town,” Sarrondo said.

“Is that procedural? Why they are saying that I cannot have a copy of the hold order, for what reason?,” he added.

It was learned the hold order is for further verification and review of the case. The complainant added that he was advised the implementation of serving of the decision order is set on August 30.

Sarrondo said he will personally visit the DILG Central Office to to find out what the problem is.

Meanwhile, hundreds of supporters of Mayor Galvez-Tan trooped in front of the municipality bearing placards emblazoned with “I stand with Mayor Carla, I stand for the truth.” Several tarpaulins with the same message were seen in front of the municipality and in public places.

The supporters said they will not allow anyone to unseat Mayor Galvez-Tan. They will fight for their mayor, they added.

The Ombudsman found the respondent guilty and administratively liable through substantial evidence but not for grave misconduct as charged but for simple misconduct only, for shouting and confronting complainant Vergel during the SB session.

On the complaint, they alleged that on Oct. 18, 2016, the SB deliberated on the passage of the municipality’s 2017 Appropriation Ordinance.

Despite the issuance of subpoenas by the SB, the department heads of the municipality refused to attend. As a result, the passage of the ordinance was delayed.

Galvez-Tan along with her bodyguards allegedly barged inside the session hall of Sangguniang Bayan during deliberation and based on the complaint, the mayor allegedly threatened the complainants that they would not be able to go out of the municipal hall unless they approve her budget.

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