The #GuiltlessGoodness of Koomi

Purple rice yogurt is probably the most popular drink in the market right now. Even milk  tea and coffee brands are starting to offer yogurt drinks on their menus to keep up with the  competition.  

This chewy, creamy, and healthy yogurt drink has a growing following, especially in Asia  and Australia. One of the first brands in the market is Koomi Natural Drinking Yogurt. This  Australian brand is making waves internationally with its simple yet solid promise of  #GuiltlessGoodness that many can experience.  

Originating from Sydney back in March 2019, Koomi became popular among the Asian  and Australian market for its healthy and tasty yogurt drinks. This overwhelming response resulted  in opening four more branches in Australia, which eventually lead to international outlets across  Southeast Asia like Thailand and Malaysia.  

This Koomi craze allowed the brand to open stores in Manila. It happened when John Michael “Mike” Hilton and Ahtisa Manalo were exploring downtown Sydney during their trip in  2019. The long queue of people waiting to get their hands on this famous purple-rice yogurt drink  piqued their curiosity. That crazy line was worth it, because the moment Mike took his first sip, he  was certain that it was a taste experience that he needed to bring back home — and so he did.  Three days after, they came back to the store, discussed business with the owner, and locked  the deal. That’s how the #GuiltlessGoodness from the Land Down Under came to the Philippines!

Koomi Philippines is led by passionate individuals who aim to share the  #GuiltlessGoodness experience to Filipinos. Mike is a Filipino-Australian businessman and an  expert in the food and beverage industry. His business partner is beauty queen Ahtisa Manalo,  leading the finance and budget management of the brand. She is also an accounting degree  holder. Andrew Neri joined the team to spearhead the marketing efforts of Koomi Philippines with  his expertise in business communications. His background includes successful integrated  campaigns for various local brands. The three worked together to ensure Filipinos can enjoy  quality products and services at any Koomi store in the country.  

Koomi prides itself on its Australian and Asian fusion while still appealing to the Filipino  palette through flavors like Ube, Avocado, and Mango Graham. Koomi also launched limited edition drinks like Mais Con Yelo and Halo-Halo, which fared well with the local market. Mike and  the team sees the importance of supporting farmers and their homegrown produce thus its  premium ingredients are sourced from Batangas, Laguna, Baguio, and Davao.

Since its first Metro Manila opening in November 2019, Koomi opened five more stores in  prime city locations within three months. The brand aims to open 10 more by the end of 2020,  and looks forward to a nationwide launch by 2021.  

Although COVID-19 presents its challenges, Koomi Philippines keeps a forward attitude  in finding opportunities to keep the business afloat. Currently, they have over 100 employees.  The team plans to open more branches to give jobs to everyone.  

Koomi makes it possible for Filipinos to satisfy their cravings without guilt because every  cup is made healthy with natural drinking yogurt and fresh fruits. Recently, they launched a  campaign that highlights its drinks’ health benefits, now that being healthy is more important than  ever. With this in mind, Koomi is committed to caring for the well-being of its employees and  customers. It also plays a role in supporting local health officials and community leaders during  these tough times.

“Our goal is to let Filipinos experience the #GuiltlessGoodness of Koomi one cup at a time.  To do that, we must embrace change and continue moving forward,” Mike says. Koomi Philippines  pursued innovative ways to ensure that they still deliver the promise of #GuiltlessGoodness to  their Koomikadas even from a safe distance.

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