The Holy Bath

People around the world have been using water in many ways for its therapeutic qualities, ever since the Romans popularized it.

Hot water showers encourage sweating which helps in removing toxins while hot water drinking dissolves fats and purges it from the body. Cold water showers reduce inflammation, boosts circulation and a great energy recharger. A hot tub soak soothes and relaxes the muscles, stiff joints and removes impurities in the body, especially during cold season. Hot & cold showers work wonders in the circulation system and rejuvenating. Hydrotherapy bath which involves jets in the tub is equivalent to an hour of massage, tones the skin, stimulates blood flow and ideal for the lymphatic functions.

Water is not limited to the physical body cleansing. 

If you feel un-well in the mind, emotion and spirit, you can use water to amend it.

Water symbolizes life, purification and blessing. It is a good reminder how blessed we are to having it. It purifies and free us from all the negativities around, which affects our thoughts and actions, said father Rocky Evangelista, founder of Tuloy Don Bosco Foundation 

Holy Bath Ritual

You may do this standing-up or sitting (floor or chair – resistant water) in the shower. 

Start by turning the shower on, hot or warm, it is up to your preference. 

Next, acknowledge the importance of water element in our life, through a prayer or invocation. For instance:  I believe and trust in the healing power of the water, I am requesting you to rinse my imperfection and un-burden me from my un-wellness… give me peace, lightness, total wellness… thy will be done.  Praying over the water, strengthen its properties, increases its effectivity.

Now, immerse your whole body in the shower water. Once the water touches the top of your head –  visualize all those unwanted thoughts which causing you stress, leaving like smoke from your mind. Do the same, as the water touches your chest/heart – imagine those un-pleasant emotions, being washed away from your heart, project your whole body as the water touches it – being purified, turning to brilliant white – eliminating all that makes it ill, and the spirit being refreshed and enliven. You may soap and shampoo after this ritual. Repeat the ritual until you feel better.

Lastly, give your sincere thanks to the water element, feeling light and refreshed.

Happy holy bath!

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