The Power of Touch

Touch is a vital part of human existence. 

Touch is a non-verbal language. It is such a powerful means of communication. It is the first language experienced from the day we were born and the first one that developed.

Studies has shown that children or even adults who were nurtured with love touch, are most likely to turn-out compassionate, thoughtful, receptive, confident and positive. On the other hand, those who are touch deprived or touched in a harmful manner, tends to feel lonely, insecure, violent and aggressors.

We can communicate our love, care and affection in many ways using the unspoken language – touch. Cuddling, hugging, kissing, holding hands, a pat in the back –  are some of the most common body gestures to show how we feel towards a loved one or someone. 

Touch brings people closer together. It reduces stress, heightens nicer behavior, build-up sense of safety and boosts happier relationship. Furthermore, it nourishes growth and proper development in children – especially to premature babies, accelerates healing – notably to those with Alzheimer’s disease, hypertension, physical abuse related anxiety and depression.


Research found that teams in sports, who touch each other more – by hugging after scoring, chest bumps, high fives – performs better. The same effect goes to students who were gently touched on the back or shoulder in a friendly way by their teacher or schoolmates.

Touch is a silent language, yet delivers the most profound message. 

Holding the hand of someone who is in emotional pain or sorrow, without saying anything, has more impact than any comforting words you can utter. 

Unfortunately, not all has the freedom to a spontaneous touch, like a simple holding hands, in public. It is a common knowledge that cultural beliefs, limits others from doing such. 

Though we need to discern an unsafe or malicious touch from a friendly one, let us not deprive ourselves of its nurturing and delightful effect, which is essential to our life. 

A Touch Therapy, an ancient and non-invasive healing practice is suggested to those who have touch issues, to heal their trauma. This method process is a simple laying of hands gently of the practitioner to patient’s body, to balance and purify the energy flowing in the mind, body and spirit.

If you want to take your dear one to paradise, give your priceless gift of touch. The touch that could warm the chill in the night and ignite the fire in the heart.


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