They Who Pass Judgment

SPEAKING ill will of others is a crime in itself. Ergo, whoever wishes that someone grows hair between the eyes should be considered a criminal.

This, of course, is applicable only to people who pass judgment on others like it’s the most natural thing in the world to do. They make accusations against others because they have nothing better to do.

What’s so disconcerting sometimes is that these individuals consider themselves “children of God”. But shouldn’t these “children of God” have an open mind and see beyond the superficial? They, of all people, should know a truth from a lie.

After all, it does not really take any hard evidence to differentiate between a sham and the real deal. Sometimes, it just takes a hunch.

And because they desperately believe that God is on their side, they tend to go overboard. They would stop at nothing to destroy someone’s reputation – even if it kills them.

Emotions should not get in the way of things, because it interferes with our capacity to think straight. It blurs whatever clear vision we have about the way of things.

Giving someone the benefit of the doubt is a no-no for these nosy people. They don’t believe in second chances; for them, one accusation is enough to bring down the axe on others who they see as “sinners”.

But aren’t we all sinners? We have our own ways of seeking repentance. Someone who doesn’t go to church doesn’t mean he does not believe in a Higher Being. Someone who doesn’t pray openly does not mean he does not talk to God in private.
Someone who seems brusque on the outside doesn’t mean he does not have a soft heart, and someone who is desperately in need of money doesn’t mean he would go to the extent of taking someone else’s money.

Looks can be deceiving, as they say, and all these people deserve to be given second chances, if only to prove that they are not what they seem to be.

Accusing people of doing something they don’t have the ability to do is unfair. In fact, it’s outright preposterous.
So short of being labelled a criminal, let’s stop making any accusations and defer from pointing the finger at people who we have a disliking to. Sometimes, keeping one’s mouth shut is just as effective as hurling invectives like there’s no tomorrow.

After all, there’s nothing like keeping one’s temper at bay. Feel free to ask anyone who has high blood pressure.

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