‘If we truly love Angeles City, we must replace EdPam and his minions’ – Tarzan

ANGELES CITY– “Karumaldumal ang ginagawa ng mga opisyales ng Angeles City. Karumaldumal na corruption.”

Thus said comebacking Carmelo “Tarzan” Lazatin on July 18, 2017 during the News@Hues at Park Inn Hotel organized by the Pampanga Press Club when asked on the state of the Angeles City Government.

Lazatin said with a budget of P1.7 Billion of the City Government, it should be in good standing, however, the exorbitant corruption by Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan and his “minions” is derailing the city’s progress.

“If we love Angeles City, we need to replace Ed Pamintuan and his minions,“Lazatin said.

Lazatin pointed out that businessmen are suffering due to the extortion being done by the City Officials.

“Manalakad ka mung malating negosyo, tabakan de. Ing panabak da treskantos la,” Lazatin said.

Lazatin also pointed out the more than 7,000 ghost employees are being maintained by the city government.

Lazatin said that during his time as Mayor, he implemented the full computerization of payroll system, which includes the computerized time keeping systems, where employees are required to log in and out using their palm print.

“I implemented that to eliminate ghost employees, tardiness and leave credit theft,” Lazatin said.

The computerized time keeping system was even hailed by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) as the one of the best practices among local government units.

“If given a chance to be elected, I will implement the computerized payroll system again to ensure transparency foremost inside our house, Lazatin said.

Lazatin also vow to make sure that Angeles City will be a haven for businessmen.

“Walang mangingikil sa kanila at lalong hindi tayo magtataas ng taxes,” Lazatin said. (Press Release)