Why an Executive Check-up is needed?

We are the CEO of our health. It is therefore of great value that we take care of his physical well being.

Getting a yearly check-up is important in maintaining good health and should be an integral part of anyone’s health care routine.

Executive Check-up is designed for people who put a premium on time and health. The Medical City Clark offers complete diagnostics, which includes laboratory tests, imaging studies, specialized examinations, as well as comprehensive physical evaluation.

This executive Check-up of The Medical City Clark promotes a preventive lifestyle through an executive checkup, total relaxation from our partner hotels, and bonding between family and friends.

The Medical City Clark has applied the latest research to formulate health assessment packages that address a patient’s needs.

The executive Check-Up (Health Screening), is a one-stop shop for diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative interventions that are: 1) preventive, 2) promotive, 3) proactive, 4) personalized — designed to pick up the earliest signs of disease or monitor existing illnesses. It offers organized, comprehensive services tailor-fit to various age segments – from the young to the young at heart, identifying one’s specific health concerns.

Please bear in mind that this is but the first step towards complete wellness.

Executive Check-up Packages you can choose from What’s great about our Executive Check-up packages are that they cover the whole spectrum of caring for your health and general well-being.

Choose from our seven packages varying on the extent of the check-up.

The Essentials Package (no age limit)Senior Male Evaluation (40-59 years old)Lady Care I Package (Below 35 years old)Lady Care II Package (Above 35 years old)Platinum I Senior Male Evaluation (60-79 years old)Platinum II Senior Male Evaluation (80 years old and above)Platinum Female Package I (60-79 years old)After availing an Executive Check-up package and having an Executive Day Off with us, you will be granted membership in the Executive Circle Club of The Medical City Clark!
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