2-day liquior ban starts Sunday

CAMP OLIVAS — The two-day liquor ban will start on Sunday, October 29, as the electorate goes to polling precincts to vote in the Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan Elections (SBKE) 2023 on Monday all over the country.

PRO3 Director Brig. Gen. Jose Hidalgo Jr. has reminded the public on the two-day liquor ban on Sunday and Monday.

As per Resolution No. 10746 of the Commission on Elections, it is strictly prohibited for any individual to engage in the sale, purchase, provision, or consumption of intoxicating liquor anywhere in the country from October 29th to October 30th.

 “Anyone found violating any of these provisions may face penalties, including imprisonment ranging from not less than one year to a maximum of six years, without the possibility of probation,” Hidalgo said.

However, there are exceptions for certain establishments.

 Hotels, resorts, restaurants, and other establishments accredited by the Department of Tourism are exempted from the ban, provided they secure a written authority from the Comelec.

 Foreign nationals may purchase and consume alcoholic beverages, but only in authorized establishments expressly exempted from the liquor ban.

The Philippine National Police  is earnestly appealing to the public for discipline and strict adherence to these regulations. The enforcement of the liquor ban is crucial to prevent potential commotions or heated altercations during these vital days.

‘Our primary goal is to maintain peace and order in every community. Let us exercise our freedom of expression and our right to suffrage in a calm and hallowed manner,” Hidalgo added.

The PNP is also reminding all candidates and their supporters the campaign period will officially end today, October 28, and campaigning will be strictly prohibited on Sunday.

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