7 Reasons Why the TCL P7 Series Direct Drive+ Topload Washing Machine is a Game-Changer for Your Laundry Routine

Washing clothes can seem like a never-ending task, whether you’re doing it for one person or an entire family. It takes up most of your time that you tend to lose some quality time with your loved ones and do your other important tasks. TCL, the leading consumer electronics brand and the world’s top two TV brand, changes that notion with their newest TCL P7 Series Direct Drive+ Topload Washing Machine.

Experience advanced washing performance that exceeds your expectations with the newly launched game-changing appliance, the TCL P7 Series DirectDrive+ Topload Washing Machine. This model is equipped with top-performing functions typically found in more expensive models, all at an affordable price

Elevate your laundry routine to a whole new efficiency level.  Get to know the top 7 reasons why you should switch to TCL P7 Series Direct Drive+ Topload Washing Machine now.

Stay Still Quietly

This washing machine is made with a direct drive motor that works without a belt and the powerful motor is straightly attached to the drum. This more efficient and stable structure make it vastly to reduce noise and vibration. Meanwhile it is able to increase durability while reducing energy and water consumption.

Waterfall Wash

If you have more lace and delicate fabrics, the TCL P7 Series Washing Machine helps save the day. Clothes are rinsed less abrasively, detergent dissolved more efficiently to avoid high spin and tangling of clothes.

Softly-close Lid

A fully integrated glass lid allows clear viewing of clothes during a cycle and allows items to be added easily. A slow descending mechanism prevents the lid from slamming or catching fingers.

Less Friction More Care

A hexagonal capillary design has evolved in order to care for clothes during the cycle. The rounded inner convex surface gives the garment better protection by reducing friction damage to them. Besides, the tiny 2.3mm drying holes could protect clothes from being stretched.

Clean drum first before washing

Drum Clean rapidly flushes the inner cylinder with hot water – preserving hygiene and ensuring your machine is pristine the next time you want to wash.

Load and unload easily

Big capacity and wide opening make it available for more and larger loads, it’s also  easy to load and unload the drum.

Wash evenly and reduce tangle

The Even Wash turns the flow of water from the center to the sides, dispersing the “tornado” caused by inertia, so as to separate clothes and minimize entangling

The TCL P7 Series DirectDrive+ Topload Washing Machine is available at all authorized TCL dealers nationwide. For more information about the TCL P7 Series, go to  https://www.tcl.com/ph/en

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