A Toast To Apag Marangle’s 15 Years Of Kapampangan Cuisine

Guagua, Pampanga—-Since the inception of Apag Marangle or Hain Sa Bukid 15 years ago, it has been remarkable to witness a milestone how the culinary scene evolve from its menu hallmarked by the preservation and promotion of Kapampangan’s classic and unique dishes with nature as your majestic backdrop.

The over 500-square meter al fresco style restaurant could accommodate 140 people.

A pleasure to your senses as you get to eat flavorful Kapampangan dishes while outdoors, enjoying with its gardens and countryside landscapes.

Apag Marangle perfectly captures the taste of classic Kapampangan cooking with its mainstream and exotic dishes. Each dish is cooked with great care, giving you authentic local flavors.

Today, Chef Manuela Cherry Pasion Tan hosted an overflowing authentic Kapampangan feast among members of Pampanga Media in celebration of Apag Marangle’s 15th Anniversary. “Most of my customers are balikbayans and local tourists so I would like to promote, reach out and reintroduce the local cuisine to fellow Kapampangans especially to the younger generation and to our cabalens who doesn’t cook anymore at home,” Chef Cherry said.

Mainstream to Exotic Dishes

For classic Filipino favorites with a twist of Kapampangan flavors, you can try their Asado dish (traditional chicken and pork roast) that is not like your ordinary Asado. The carabeef a.k.a pindang damulag is a Kapampangan delicacy, made for people who desire a gamier, tastier feel to their meat dishes and my all time favorite relyenong sisig bangus. The pepalukluk manuk or seated chicken, dry steamed over a bed of salt. Of course you wouldn’t miss Kare-kare (Kapampangan original beef oxtail and tripe stewed in a creamy peanut sauce) for only 595 pesos.

Other popular dishes include begukan (wok-fried pork belly with shrimp paste), humba (pork braised in yellow bean paste), suam mais (corn soup in a clay pot), and sizzling balut to name a few.

Further, it’s worth to try the binulu (a soup dish slowly cooked in a bulu , a variety of bamboo): Pesang bulig (mudfish), sigang paro (shrimp) and Tinolang Tugak (frog), price ranges 385 to 415 pesos.

If you want more gastronomic adventure, they have the exact meal for you. Apag Marangle also serves exotic dishes. One dish that picks the curiosity of most guests, especially tourists, is their Betute or deep-fried stuffed frogs. Another is the Camaru (crickets) that come either sauteed, fried, or in chili garlic.

Boodle fight in a basket

If you are a couple or with your whole family and barkada you can choose a boodle fight jr., a seafood platter (2-3 persons) or a tampipi set (good for 8-10 persons) which are available for take out and delivery but if you prefer dine-in, Apag Marangle can set up your own boodle fight according to your choices in the menu. Price range from a minimum of 1,700 to 4,000 pesos.


Mayumung kamuti (sweet potato in coconut milk) good for 3 persons for only 135 pesos and the baked to perfection premium leche flan made of carabao’s milk and duck’s eggs for only 490 pesos.


Fresh buko juice in shell, buko pandan, sago’t gulaman, pandan water, lemon grass – all available in glass (65 – 95 pesos and pitcher (245 pesos). The irresistible Tsokolating Batirol (ground nuts and real cocoa, whisk batirol for goodness and foamed to creaminess) for only 95 pesos.

These Kapampangan specials are also available in frozen packed (ready to eat) for take out and delivery which are available in Pampanga and Manila.

Address: JASA, San Juan Nepomuceno – Dalan Betis, Guagua, Pampanga. Apag Marangle is open for walk-in and reservation. Available for dine-in, take-out or delivery from Monday – Sunday, 8AM-9PM.

For inquiries, please call or text us:
Pampanga: +639228880568
Manila: +639190091045

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