AirAsia Philippines grows cabin crew with fresh hires and reactivated staff amid Q2-Q3 business growth

AirAsia Philippines mounts its first mass hiring event for cabin crew staff in more than two years, preparing for a meteoric rise in demand in the next half of the year as attested to by its record-high sales for Q2 and Q3. The world’s best low-cost airline is also reactivating hibernated employees, particularly pilots and flight attendants.

A total of 996 cabin crew hopefuls queued in the recruitment event held at the NAIA Terminal 3 on June 11 – 32 of which passed the rigorous hiring process. The successful candidates will undergo the airline’s world-class cabin crew training program as they prepare to be deployed across key hubs and destinations, both domestic and international. The new batch is on top of the 22 hibernated cabin crew which were reactivated and will undergo requalification training next month.

AirAsia Chief Executive Officer Ricky Isla shares, “AirAsia Philippines is in full throttle in launching new routes like Roxas City and restarting the ones we have paused over the pandemic such as Seoul – concurrently growing our flight frequency to various destinations. To make sure that our operations are kept at an optimum and our services are maintained to be of world-class quality amid the demand, we are augmenting our manpower with fresh hires and the reactivation of our hibernated employees.”

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, AirAsia Philippines Head of People and Culture Kirk Patrick Alimaza shared with industry leaders the way forward in decoding pilot hiring at the Aviation Festival Asia in Singapore.

AirAsia Philippines is looking at recruiting pilots towards Q4 2022 to join its roster of professional aviators who will sustain growth and cushion its road to pre-COVID demand and operations.

The World’s Best Low-Cost Airline increased its seats sold by 394% in June 2022 with forward bookings exceeding forecast at 90% for the month of July; and 104% for the month of August.

Beginning 15 June, AirAsia Philippines will be flying to Caticlan 44x weekly; Iloilo – 28x weekly; Tacloban 58x weekly; Tagbilaran – 21x weekly; Puerto Princesa – 20x weekly; Bacolod – 21x weekly; Davao 14x weekly; Cagayan – 18x weekly; Kalibo 27x weekly; and Cebu – 28x weekly.

“We expect to achieve 100 percent of our pre-COVID flight frequency by September 2022 for domestic and 65 percent of international frequency by December. This entails the growth in manpower as well, hence we encourage all aspiring aviation professionals to regularly check announcements on our socials and our airasia Super App,” Isla added.