Angeles gets festive anew for Tigtigan, other events

The stage is set once again for one of the most awaited celebrations in the region as Angeles City kicks off its 26th Fiestang Kuliat (FK).

FK organizers promised the two-toned celebrations – one for culture and tradition, the other for its three religious observances – to be more colorful and even thematically meaningful.

This year’s theme “Pamagsaya, Pamagmasusi, Pamagdake” (Celebrations, Commemoration, Sharing), is anchored on the fiesta’s main thrust of providing an opportune time for every resident in the city to enjoy, contemplate and relax through the offering of events and activities that are reflective of the Angeleño identity.

Archie Reyes, the brain behind the theme, has been crafted to give the celebrations more depth and significance.

The city’s grandest and most-awaited fiesta is set to commence “big” this October with a month-long string of activities showcasing the best of this highly-urbanized city.

FK serves a sundry of activities ranging from social, cultural and religious festivities that suits the interest of every Angeleños’ from all walks of life.

FK is also centered in paying homage to the Triad of Religious Fiestas being observed by Angeles folks namely: the Feast of Los Santos Angeles Custodios or Holy Guardian Angels which is observed every first week of October; the Feast of the Our Lady of La Naval de Angeles held every second week of October; and the Feast of Apung Mamacalulu every last Friday of October.

October is also host to the city’s decades-old activities such as the Mutya ning Angeles and the Tigtigan Terakan Keng Dalan (TTKD) that celebrate Angeleño beauty, arts, culture and heritage, and the people’s unity and resilience over tragedy.

Organizers said they expect to surpass the 50,000 that attended TTKD last year.

For his part, Angeles City Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan said that FK’s conception in 1992, a year after the Mt. Pinatubo eruption, aimed “to uplift the dampened spirit of the Angeleños over which is considered the second biggest volcanic eruption of the century.”

“But as we always claim and say, our people triumphed over these adversities- just like a Phoenix bird rising from the ashes of devastation and hopelessness,” said Mayor Pamintuan who is the proponent of Fiestang Kuliat.

“Today, FK reflects the government’s collaborative effort with the private sector – the main thrust of our governance ever since we took the city’s leadership in 1992. Nothing would have been possible without the staunch support of our partners from the private sector,” Pamintuan said.

Fiestang Kuliat, which is considered to be the biggest and longest fiesta in the region, was created through an executive order during Mayor Pamintuan’s first term.

The city officials managed to secure a presidential proclamation that calls for non-working holidays in Angeles City on October 15 and 26.

The festival’s name was coined from Angeles City’s original name “Kuliat”, a woody vine that was abundant in the area before early settlers came in.

Angeleños are encouraged to share their fiesta experience via a social media campaign through the use of the following official hashtags: #FK2018 #FiestangKuliat2018 #AngelesPH.