Arayat rice firm lauded

ARAYAT, Pampanga – Governor Dennis ‘Delta’ Pineda lauded the efforts of the Quiambao Tabuan Rice (QTR) Corporation in this town for supporting the farmers in their plight on the passing of the rice tarrification law.

Jovy Garcia, general affairs and administration officer, said, “QTR takes corporate social responsibility very seriously.”

“Our strategy to help the local farmers is that we go to the fields and buy from them directly, just to avoid commission system as well,” Garcia added.

Aside from that, QTR also offers assistance to the local farmers in the form of insecticides, seeds, fertilizers, and farmall tractor services, which they could use directly in farming. The corporation also lends cash which the farmers could pay with their crops after harvesting.

In addition, the corporation holds seminars to heighten the knowledge of the farmers about the farming industry.

The rice mill and dryer corporation is owned by Fumio Tamura, a Japanese businessman. It started operations in May 2018.

Currently, QTR caters six varieties of locally-harvested rice with different price ranges. Oishii costs P775 per sack of 25 kilograms; Arigatou, P900; Wa Manyaman, P925; Manyaman Ya, P995; Tsukasa, P1, 075; and Minami, P1, 125.

These high quality varieties do not contain impurities and foul odor.

The corporation also sells different by-products such as grains, sorter which is marketed as dog food, rice husk and burned husk.