Arena Island opens for corporate leasing

The booming online and offshore business sector will find a new home as award-winning private isle Arena Island announced it is opening its shores for short- to long-term lease to businesses. 

Named Best Luxury Private Island Resort in 2017 and 2018 by the World Luxury Hotel Awards, Arena Island offers modern luxury amid a rustic environment conducive for peace and solitude required of certain professions.

Nestled in Narra, a coastal municipality of Palawan, Arena Island sits on a thriving coral reef, home to a diverse marine life and resources. It is a turtle sanctuary that protects natural-born hatchlings from predators and human traders. Arena Island is surrounded by white sand beach and pristine waters best for relaxation or mindful work.

“The idea of a modern workplace is quickly changing and there’s a demand for better work environments responsive to current needs. By design, Arena Island is ideal for activities that require a clear headspace or induce it, whichever you need. That’s why we think it will be a perfect off-site digital corporate center, creative island for app development and programming, as well as a digital marketing and gaming hub,” said Luis Morales, Managing Partner at Arena Island Turtle Sanctuary Resort.

Arena Island offers various packages depending on a company’s requirements. The most cost-efficient is a 20-year contract for total management business operation. Short-term lessees may also rent the island to themselves on exclusive weekday and weekend rates.

The packages include complimentary use of cabanas and amenities such as the floating deck, private boat, and fishing boat with operator, as well as complimentary activities like snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, board diving, beach volleyball, stargazing, turtle hatchlings interaction, and fishing after a long day’s work. Island dwellers will also enjoy the personalized experience courtesy of their own butler and chef.

Getting to the island requires flights to Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, followed by private van transfers to Narra town, and a private boat ride about 45 minutes long. For more information about Arena Island, visit the website < email [email protected].