Aurelio BrenZ — a chip off the old block

Aurelio Brenz Panlilio Gonzales, 25 years old, evokes memories of a friendship between lawmaker Aurelio “Dong” Gonzales Jr. and the late Pampanga Governor Bren Zabian Guiao and imbued with the same passion for public service he is all set to serve the people of the City of San Fernando.

Named after Rep. Gonzales and the late Gov. Guiao, Aurelio BrenZ will join the political arena in the upcoming 2022 polls. An engineer by profession, Aurelio Brenz, said he will aim to be one of the youngest city councilors in the City of San Fernando. 

Though his father is from Mexico, Brenz grew up in the City of San Fernando, having been raised in Barangay Dolores.

Brenz completed his preparatory years at Mary the Queen Academy of Pampanga in Cabalantian, in the nearby town of Bacolor. 

At a very young age, Brenz personally experienced the life of a public servant when his father was elected board member of Pampanga. 

While he did not fully understood then what being a public official meant, Brenz was convinced that their family had to share his father’s time with the people of the district. 

When his father was elected as congressman in 2007, he transferred to Ateneo De Manila for high school and, then, to De La Salle University where he acquired his degree in Civil Engineering. 

After graduating in 2018, Brenz took the board exams and passed with a grade average of 84. 

It was a short celebration of his educational accomplishments as Brenz immediately took his first job as Site Engineer at Megaworld Corporation in Taguig City. 

Gaining enough experience in the construction industry, Brenz resigned from his work and assumed the position of President/Chief Executive Officer of A.D. Gonzales Jr. Construction and Corporation, a “AAA” category construction firm built by his father. 

Though he has already been establishing his career in the private sector with his career in civil engineering, Brenz could not ignore his calling in public service. 

Along with his responsibilities in the construction firm, Brenz also acts as Political Affairs Officer of his father in the House of Representatives.  

“I would be honored to continue the transcendent legacy of my father,” Brenz said. 

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