Bataeños urged to stop sharing fake news on coronavirus

BALANGA CITY — Provincial Health Office (PHO) is urging Bataeños to stop spreading fake news claiming the novel corona virus has reached the province.

PHO Head Rosanna Buccahan assured residents that the infectious disease has not yet been confirmed in any area in the country.

“We’ve received reports claiming that a patient who tested positive for the virus was transferred in a certain hospital. I want to clarify that there are still no confirmed cases as of now,” Buccahan said Tuesday during the Emergency Coordination Meeting on Surveillance/Monitoring and Prevention of Coronavirus.

Buccahan advised the public not to spread unverified information which could mislead the public and cause panic.

 Let’s not create panic. Let’s be vigilant. If you’ve heard rumors like this from somebody, please make them stop from your end,” Buccahan furthered.

She added that they are continuously coordinating with Department of Health (DOH) on the monitoring and surveillance of the virus. 

The public is urged to check the official website or social media accounts of DOH for valid and updated information on the infectious disease. 

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