Orissa: Reinvigorate body and soul

Orissa is a place of holistic health. It is located at the slope of Mount Arayat, Orchard Village, Brgy. Ayala, Magalang, Pampanga. It sits in the middle of an orchard & vegetation. A private and secluded place, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Orissa is a sanctuary for the tired mind, body and spirit. Perfect to those who seek relaxation, peace, quiet, health and natural medicine.

Guests can join the morning Meditation & Yoga to start the day – clear & bright. You can pamper yourself with their selections of touch therapies, like body manipulation with essential oils & Signature Calm massage therapy, Young Glow body scrub, and many others.

Orissa cafe serves Satvic holistic food, which comes from the garden. Orissa dishes are prepared with the guidance of their certified clinical nutritionist and herbalist. One of the pride in Orissa is their healthy and sumptuous food. 

Some of Orissa’s holistic medicine offerings are Herbs for health, Holistic Nutrition, Detoxification/cleansing programs (colon, gallstones, liver); Sound & Light therapy for physical health concerns, Cold Laser therapy for pains and energy booster,  KIMUT therapy for body @ mind tensions release; Crystals chakra balance & alignment, Dynamic Energy activation; Orissa Divine Healing, to name a few.

All holistic health programs are customized by a holistic healer, according to your needs & physical condition. Orissa practices complementary medicine upon request of the client, coordinating with medical doctor partners in health.

Orissa also have other natural healers, one of them is Mr. Alberto Dimarucut, who holds a masters degree at UP, Diliman in human kinetics (kinesiology) and a mental health practitioner,  studied at Harvard University, USA, Mr. Shuhei Kuwahara – Japanese who specializes in spine & bone alignment – he is an engineer too, Ms. Miyuki Ueda – Reiki master & personality development guru, Ms. Arlene Bang – Yoga & Pilates teacher, to name a few.

In Orissa, you can sleep like a baby in one of our gorgeous & spacious casitas. Detox & soak in our pool with mineral water from the mountain, while the birds serenade you.

Holistic health means totally well in mind, body, emotion & spirit We believe in Orissa that to achieve a total state of wellbeing, all aspect of your life should be well. You are all welcome to Orissa and reclaim your total health, peace, happiness and refresh. 

We encourage everyone to take care of themselves now, for the present predicts our future.

Other Orissa offerings: Team Building workshop, Stress Management workshop, KIMUT dance therapy workshop, Crystal Healing workshop, Herbs & Nutrition for health workshop, Meditation, Yoga, Vegetarian cooking  and many others. 

For more information & reservation about Orissa:  Email: [email protected]Contact numbers: 09178436043 / (0906) 712 0978 Follow/message us in IG & Facebook: Account: Orissa Garden of Wellness

About Riza Lim:

Orissa Holistic Garden Resort owner & holistic healer, Ms. Riza Lim, graduated from the Natural Health Institute of Naturopathy in San Diego, California, USA. She traveled around the world to study different health practices, like India, Tibet, Nepal, Denmark, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Palau, to name a few, and brought home (Philippines) these helpful knowledge to share. She believes that preventive medicine lifestyle is the best way to good health.

Ms. Riza, is also a licensed Yoga and a meditation teacher, studied in Yogadarshanam, Mysore, Karnataka, India, a certified Tibetan new moon sound healing therapist – studied in Kathmandu, Nepal, a clinical nutritionist, a clinical master herbalist, a clinical aromatherapist, studied in California. Her extensive studies and work around the world lead her to realize the importance of having a peaceful mind is the best medicine.

She teaches mindfulness programs, meditation, yoga, holistic lifestyle from youngsters to adults to groups, schools, and communities to promote a holistic health lifestyle.

Ms. Riza wants to reach out to schools and communities to work with them on teaching children & adults particularly on Mindfulness and Yoga, as her advocacy to create a better and peaceful future for all.

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