BI commends CDC-IT for real time interconnection

CLARK FREEPORT— The Bureau of Immigration (BI) has commended real-time interconnection of the Information Technology Department of Clark Development Corporation’s (CDC-ITD) in-house visa processing system with the BI database.

This commendation was expressed during the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) on July 13, where discussions took place regarding the enhancement of digitalization, coordination, and collaboration efforts.

The Electronic VISA Implementation System for Aliens (eVISA), which seamlessly integrates with the Electronic Business Account Registration System (e-BAR) are both developed by CDC’s homegrown talents. The system enables convenient online visa applications, organizing them on a first-come, first-served basis.

Wendell Guina and Paul Dexter Bacani of CDC-ITD developed the system, which enables real-time interconnection between CDC and BI, enhancing monitoring, screening, and public service delivery.  The interconnection aims to streamline visa processing for foreign nationals in the Freeport, aligning      with the government’s digitalization efforts and improving service delivery.

Kristine Lauren Pattaui, CDC-ITD’s Officer-in-Charge, highlighted the system’s convenience and  accuracy, while Guina, an IT Officer III, emphasized the time-saving benefits it offers.