BIR holds tax symposium in Bataan amid declining compliance

The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), Revenue Region No. 4 City of San Fernando, Pampanga, RDO 20 Balanga City, Bataan, held a tax symposium on Tuesday, June 13, 2023, to discuss the level of tax compliance in the province and the measures to improve it.

The symposium was attended by members of the Bataan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc., certified public accountants, tax practitioners, and other stakeholders. 

The activity was led by OIC Regional Director Atty. Emmanuel S. Ferrer Jr. and Atty. Marlon M. Mendoza, OIC Assistant Regional Director.

The event was held at the Seminar Room, Galleria Victoria, Plaza Mayor, Balanga City. Atty. Mercedes Estalilla, Bataan RDO 20 Chief, also graced the occasion.

According to Atty. Ferrer, the level of tax compliance in Bataan and some parts of the region have been declining in the past two months of this year, which affects the revenue collection of the region. He called on the taxpayers to pay their correct taxes and to voluntarily remit their value-added tax (VAT) monthly. He also appealed to them to help the BIR reach its target collections for this year.

Atty. Ferrer warned that those who are paying unscrupulously or engaging in tax evasion and fraud will be investigated and sanctioned by the BIR. He cited some of the common violations that the BIR is monitoring, such as:

  • Oplan Kandado or closure of business for non-issuance of receipts or invoices
  • Refusal to register as VAT taxpayers or shifting from non-VAT to VAT without authority
  • Non-filing or late filing of tax returns
  • Under-declaration of sales or income
  • Over-declaration of expenses or costs
  • Using fake or ghost receipts
  • Using sales suppression devices or software to manipulate point-of-sale (POS) transactions

Atty. Ferrer said that these frauds are very rampant nowadays and that the BIR is now using technology to detect and prevent them. He urged the taxpayers to be honest and compliant with their tax obligations, as the economy is now bullish and the BIR expects tax collections to increase.

The symposium also featured presentations and discussions on various tax topics, such as updates on tax laws and regulations, tax incentives and exemptions, tax audit procedures and remedies, and taxpayer’s rights and duties.

The participants expressed their appreciation for the symposium and said that it was informative and helpful. They also raised some issues and concerns regarding their tax transactions and received clarifications from the BIR officials through an open forum. 

The symposium ended with a pledge of commitment from both the BIR and the taxpayers to work together for a better tax system and a stronger economy. (MHIKE CIGARAL)

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