Business execs to boost Clark

CLARK FREEPORT – Business executives from government and private sectors eye boosting Clark’s potential to be the country’s ‘next generation growth area’.

Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) President and CEO Vince Dizon, Global Gateway Clark President Michael Russell and TaskUs Vice President of Operations Chico Inong unite to promote Clark during the Asia CEO Forum held in Clark on Wednesday.

In his speech, Dizon underscored the need for infrastructure development to attract economic growth in the Philippines.

“We need infrastructure, we need Clark to boom,” Dizon said.

“Build, Build, Build is the economic cornerstone of the President’s agenda,” he added.

Dizon noted that the Americans established its air base in Clark and its naval base in Subic.

“Americans chose Clark and Subic… They must have seen something here to put their military assets in Clark and in Subic,” according to Dizon.

Dizon lauded the government’s efforts to develop the Clark International Airport and the construction of a railway connecting Tutuban, Manila to Clark.

“This (airport) is really going to be the main driver of this region,” Dizon said.

Dizon said that infrastructure is the secret to sustain growth which the country needs to focus on.

Despite admitting that some of the projects to be constructed may not finish during President Rodrigo Duterte’s term, Dizon said that it is important the current administration has started the momentum now.

“We’re not gonna be able to finish in five years. The key is momentum,” Dizon said.

“If we start the momentum now and extend it to 2020, it would be hard to stop that momentum,” he added.

Global Gateway Clark President Michael Russell revealed that there has been a series of hotel developments in Clark and their partnership with hospital Medical City which is considered to be a vertical development.

“Clark is the next generation growth area,” Russell said, noting that “the future of Luzon is Clark.”

“Infrastructure is the backbone of growth,” according to Russell.

Inong meanwhile said that TaskUs will be expanding business here.

“I’m very excited to move to Global Gateway Aeropark this August,” Inong said.

“All of our employees are excited, I’m sure we will drive a lot of applicant traffic, I can tell you that this (referring to the Global Gateway Aeropark) is the best building in the Philippines,” said Inong.

“We have lots of business coming in. Today we are about 500 people and our goal is to be 1,500 before the year is over,” according to Inong, who also said he relocated in Pampanga together with his family.

Rebecca Bustamante – Mills, President of the Asia CEO Forum also believes in the potential of this Freeport as an economic hub.

“Let us sell Clark and Pampanga as a tourist and business destination, said Bustamante.

Asia CEO Forum is the country’s largest and only business event series held in Manila, Clark, Cebu and Davao.

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