CDC to build more bike-friendly facilities in Clark


CLARK FREEPORT – The Clark Development Corporation (CDC) plans to build more bike-related facilities in this Freeport to make it a “Bike-Friendly Zone.”

According to Clark Development Corporation’s (CDC) Engineering Services Group – Construction Management Division (ESG-CMD), some of the projects that are in the pipeline include the provision of the bike pit stop and off-road trails for bikers. These projects are expected to be completed by September of this year.

The bike pit stop will be strategically located at the rotunda bounded by Panday Pira Avenue and Creekside Road. This facility will serve as a one-stop-shop for bikers and it will be open for interested concessionaires who want to offer goods and services to bikers and guests.

Bike racks will also be installed near Clark’s convenience stores and other businesses to provide cyclists with a safe place to secure their bicycles while they rest. Off-road trails will be built to give bikers more areas to explore.

These initiatives are all aimed at making this Freeport a “Bike-Friendly Zone.”

For its part, CDC encourages more biking enthusiasts to visit this Freeport and experience the new bike paths and bike trails that have been meticulously planned and developed for all bikers.

Due to the growing number of bikers in this Freeport, the CDC’s Public Safety Division (PSD) has also deployed “Bike Marshalls” for added safety and security in various biking locations.

The state-owned corporation also intends to launch additional bike-related activities in the Freeport in the future. Standard health protocols are still in place to ensure the safety and well-being of bikers and the general public.