Cebu Pacific opens applications for 2nd batch of Cadet Pilots

Cebu Pacific (CEB) is now accepting applications for the second batch of cadet-pilots.

CEB will be recruiting 16 candidates to join its corps of pilots, after completing a 56-week training program, including 52 weeks at Flight Training Adelaide (FTA) in Australia, in a “study now, pay later” scheme.

The Cebu Pacific Cadet Pilot Program is a 56-week program that recruits candidates from ab initio, and puts them on a 56-week integrated flying training; flight theory and education course to become licensed Commercial Pilots. After completion of the program, the cadet-pilots become First Officers at CEB, and join the corps of aviators at Cebu Pacific, flying domestic and international routes.

The program is open to all Filipinos who are college graduates, proficient in English and hold passports valid for at least two years prior to the start of the program.

The cadet-pilots need not worry about expenses related to the flight training, as CEB will shoulder the cost first, and amortize the payment for the course while they are employed. The entire program will be financed by Cebu Pacific, with successful cadet-pilots guaranteed employment with CEB upon graduation. They will then reimburse the cost of the program through salary deduction over a maximum of ten years at zero-interest.

The first batch of CEB Cadet Pilots has been selected. They are completing their requirements and pre-departure training and are set to depart for FTA by April 2018.

The application process begins with an online pre-screening. This is followed by an on-site screening for core skills and pilot aptitude tests, among other examinations where a fee of AU$425.00 (about PHP17,000) will be charged. FTA will screen and shortlist all the candidates. Cebu Pacific and FTA will then jointly select the final Cadet Pilots through a final interview and deliberation.

After completing pre-departure training in the Philippines, the cadet-pilots are then sent to the FTA campus in Adelaide, Australia for 52 weeks. There, they will undergo learning modules and training and earn diplomas in Aviation. The cadet-pilots then train in a flight simulator, and then to flying an actual aircraft, to complete the licensing requirements to become a Commercial Pilot. After 52 weeks in FTA, they return to Manila for a four-week training to obtain a Pilot’s License under the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines.

Interested applicants may apply for the pre-screening via Applicants will be notified by email regarding their application status.