Clark International Airport Corporation (CIAC) Chief Atty. Emigdio Tanjuatco III has reminded the more than 345 officers and employees of the state-owned ClAC to be prepared for the change in the system of governance, especially in the government’s efforts to lure more airlines and investors to participate in the development of Clark International Airport.

Tanjuatco’s call for change at CIAC is timely and relevant since the new administration has given importance on the development of Clark airport in a bid to decongest Metro Manila in particular the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

Among the changes at CIAC is the impending transfer of several domestic flights at Clark airport from the NAIA. Local carriers such as Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific and Air Asia had been advised by the government to prepare their respective plans and programs for the move to Clark. Maybe we will see this development either in the coming months or early 2017.

Transferring several domestic operations at Clark airport is a big challenge for CIAC since the airport has been underutilized for the past several years. CIAC must be prepared for this big task.

The Clark airport currently has one domestic operation by the Cebu Pacific which flies the Clark-Cebu route four times weekly. And with the pronouncement of the government to transfer several domestic flights, we will see a big improvement in the operations of Clark airport. A railway connection as well as a road network leading to Clark airport are among the programs for its development.

Perhaps we will see all these latest developments in the coming months and probably feel the wave of change programmed by the Duterte administration. These programs will benefit the communities of Central and Northern Luzon.

So change is inevitable at the Clark airport.

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