Charities and the bayanihan spirit

LARGE ORGANIZATIONS such as the media giant, ABS-CBN and big conglomerates Ayala Foundation, the Aboltizes, Gokongweis and the SM Investments Corporation, have shown initiatives and compassion toward the plight of our countrymen by initiating fund drives in order to augment the calamities of our local government units which unabashedly called for help in these trying times.

Of course, ABS-CBN in its typical charitable sense spearheaded the drive via its pantawid sa pag-ibig and digital concert programs, directlly addressing the charitable attitude of the public and private business.

So many business executives have answered the compassionate calls for help, either here or abroad.and since, even multi-lender banks have volunteered funds to help fight the nuisance COVID 19 which still lingers on cand causes death, fears and anxiety amongst us. The disease has caused dislocations, closures and unimaginable losses.

It’s good the government has built-in structures to cushion the impact of the destructive effects of the current malady. Who ever imagined that the coronavirus, emanating from China, could cause so much devastation on the world economy? Leaders, of course, downplay the ruin brought to bear on our economy and several industries.

*    *    *Our authorities are presently clueless as to when this crisis would end. The month-long community quarantine seems to have a definite constrictive effect.After this month-long quarantine period, what follows? Will the period be extended as in the United States which imposed a curative observation period of eighteen months? Here, can we last that long without outside help?

Several residents, even in so-called subdivisions, are feeling the pinch brought about by the closure, lock down and the enhanced community quarantine period. The daily wage earners are the prime losers in this scheme, Already, they are crying and begging for help, for food and other necessary items. They, so we are told, are forced to swallow their pride and literally beg. When will this frustrating wait end? I feel sorrow for our compatriots, but my resources are limited and just enough for my family’s need. Can the local government help, I asked the team which handled the campaign for donations? I received only an inquisitive look. Meanwhile, people are scrambling and struggling to live!

*    *    *I am aware that solicitations are made and being responded to. My question is” would the donations, including pledges, be fully accounted for? In these trying times, there is a need to be very transparent and accountable. May those responsible be fully accountable.

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