China vows assistance in rehabilitation of Marawi City

CLARK ​FREEPORT — China is more than willing to lend a hand to the Philippines in ending the Marawi crisis.

Chinese Ambassador Zhao Jianhua told President Duterte Wednesday during the turnover ceremony of China’s urgent military assistance gratis to the Philippines.

In the same occasion, the envoy announced his country’s donation of Php5 million to the families of the soldiers who have been killed and to the wounded soldiers in the battle against the Maute group.

He also revealed that China initially donated Php15 million on Tuesday for the rehabilitation of the embattled city.

“These amounts are efforts by the Chinese side to not only help fight against terrorism, but to also aid in the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the conflicted and affected areas in the city,” Zhao stressed.

“China is ready to implement the important consensus reached by President Duterte and (Chinese) President Xi Jinping to help in the overall development of the Philippines,” he explained.

Moreover, he affirmed that the said consensus between the two leaders would certainly cover the comprehensive economic and social conflict in Mindanao, as it includes the development in the areas of infrastructure and anti-poverty.

“Furthermore, I ensure Chinese participation in the overall development of Mindanao, to help the in the comprehensive settlement of terrorism. China is your good neighbor, your good partner, and your good friend; [and] China will remain so for a thousand years to come,” he ended.