Community-based water supply firm gets ‘Water Wise Choice’ award

The Villages Water Supply System (VWSSI), a community-based water supply provider in North and Central Luzon, received the water-wise choice award from NWRB during the recently concluded World Water Day Ph Celebration on March 22, 2021.

VWSSI, known for its Tubig Load prepaid card water supply services, allows its concessionaires, primarily households, to have the power to budget, track and cut expenses related to water use. By deciding water consumption in advance, water conservation takes a front seat in these communities’ sustainability programs.

In his acceptance speech, VWSSI President and CEO, Engr. Edwin Santos said, “In over 25 years of providing safe, clean and sustainable water supply in North and Central Luzon, we have been witnesses to the great impact of community involvement in water conservation programs. Our Tubig Load system is one of the ways we involve our concessionaires to do their share in saving every drop of water for generations to come.”

During the online awarding ceremony of the National Water Resources Board (NWRB) held early this week, many water champions participated in the celebration and shared their  insights, experiences and challenges related to the country’s water conservation program.  It spotlights the importance of water and its significance to health, hygiene and sustainable development among Filipinos.

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