Councilor wants Angeles to keep pace with Clark progress

Angeles City Councilor Jesus Sangil wants the city to keep up with the developments inside Clark Freeport Zone.

In his privilege speech on Tuesday, Sangil noted in particular the infrastructure build-up, integrated resorts, the new airport terminal and the New Clark City project.

He also called for Angeles City residents to be given priority in employment inside Clark.  Currently, there are 127,000 workers employed by about 1,020 locator-firms inside the freeport.

“We need to rally behind all of these developments. We need to support moves that will ensure spillover effect to the city. We need to also ready the city with the costs attendant to all these progress such as traffic, security, peace and order. All the works for a sustained development in Angeles City,” Sangil said in his speech.

Sangil also expressed optimism that Mayor Carmelo “Pogi” Lazatin Jr., has what it takes to steer the city to greater progress.

“Mayor Lazatin has gone  full circle. From helping put up their family’s investment projects, he is now steering the city to greater progress,” he said adding that, “This is one reason, we need not fret even in view of the calls for the city to keep in step with the developments taking place in Clark.”

Sangil began his speech by congratulating Lazatin in his assumption as city mayor. Both of them used to be the only minority members in the Pamintuan Administration. Recently, Clark Development Corporation officials led by President Noel Manankil and Board of Directors Chairman Jose De Jesus paid courtesy call on Lazatin.

In their meeting, Lazatin discussed possible areas of cooperation between the city government and CDC.

Manankil, for his part, said that the MCAC will be convened to update mayors on the developments inside Clark. 

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