Create a water-efficient home with ACE Hardware and SM

Water security is a very simple concept – it’s making sure we and generations to come have enough clean water to last a lifetime.

Reusing water for cleaning or gardening and turning off the faucet when not in use are great, active ways to reduce water usage at home. Another solution? Turn your home into a more water-efficient one!

Sounds complicated? Not really! In fact, it’s so easy to do, you can do it yourself with the help of SM and ACE Hardware! Check out this rundown of the best tools and devices you need to make sure your house is a water-saving one:

1. Hose Nozzles

Are you a plantita or plantito using a garden hose to water your greens? Consider adding a shut-off valve at the nozzle end to give you more precision and minimize water wasted when moving across sections of your garden.

Use any of the nine adjustable spray patterns of this ACE hose nozzle based on your needs. 

2. Shower Aerators

If you still prefer a shower over the trusty tabo, install a water-saving shower head with aerators. These mix air with water, which means 50% less water used without compromising your shower experience.

Choose from air-intake shower heads from Rosco, Eco-Sense and Easy Flow at an ACE Hardware near you. 

3. Leak Repair Supplies

Even the smallest of leaks can waste a significant amount of water over time. Regularly inspect your plumbing system and keep basic tools like a strong, rubberized and waterproof leak tape that can help you tackle minor leaks asap!

Patch, bond, seal and repair with a waterproof tape like Flex Tape and other sealants.

4. Toilet Repair Kit

Toilets are notorious for raising your water bill when they develop leaks that go unnoticed. A simple and cost-effective solution is to install a toilet repair kit. These prevent the endless refilling of a leaky tank, and can even “lock” itself to alert you that something needs fixing.

Repair kits like the Fluidmaster Toilet Tank Repair Valve helps prevent endless refilling of leaky tanks. 

5. Rainwater-harvesting Drum

Building your own rainwater catchment system is not as difficult as you think! All you need is a large water drum with a secure lid and a fine mesh or screen for filtering, which can easily be found at your nearest ACE Hardware store. Connect it to your gutter system with downspouts and voila! An eco-friendly solution to collect and store rainwater for outdoor tasks like watering your garden and washing your car.

Ace 32-Gallon Trash Can (Red) – AHPI
You can transform this 32-Gallon Trash Can into a DIY rainwater harvesting system.

Water efficiency has always been at the forefront of SM group’s advocacies under the SM Green Movement. Aside from fulfilling customers’ needs for a more water-efficient home, SM properties have been recycling water since the 1990s resulting to an average of 4 million cubic meters of water saved annually. SM Supermalls conducts regular maintenance of its fixtures and encourages customers to do the same in their homes to minimize water consumption.

“Water conservation is a helpful way to ensure the entire country is water-secure and has an adequate water supply,” said Engr. Liza B. Silerio, SM Cares Program Director for the Environment and SM Supermalls Vice President for Corporate Compliance. “We highly encourage everyone to #SaveWaterWithSM and implement these small changes, because even the smallest habit can have the biggest impact in making water resources available to future generations.”

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