CRK gets newest ISO 9001 certification; more flights for CRK; conflicting health studies

Change came to the Clark International Airport Corporation (CIAC) last week when it set a record after it successfully hurdled an audit of its quality management system by a third party audit team from a reputable international certifying body for the newest ISO 9001 version.

The Clark International Airport (CRK) is, to date, the first airport in the country to be ISO 9001:2015 certified after the six-man TUV Rheinland audit team found the International and Domestic Passenger Facilitation Process and All Internal Operating Processes of CIAC complaint with the latest version of the ISO 9001 standard.

TUV Rheinland is a leading provider of technical services worldwide while its office in the Philippines is a pioneering international certification body since 1991.

Its mission and guiding principle is to achieve sustained development of safety and quality in order to meet the challenges arising from the interaction between man, technology and the environment.

The audit team did not find any non-conformities, or issues, as the CIAC processes covered by the audit fulfilled all the requirements pertaining to the standard. In addition, the audit team also found eight positive findings and 12 opportunities for improvement. It is the third time an audit of CIAC quality management system passed with zero non-conformities.

The team has recommended the upgrading of CIAC’s certification from the previous ISO 9001:2008 to the new ISO 9001:2015 after the airport company adopted an overall focus on risk-based thinking aimed at taking advantage of opportunities and preventing undesirable results. The quality management system of CIAC is being handled by the CIAC Quality Office.

An ISO 9001 quality management system, as defined, ensures that products and services provided are of consistent quality and meet customer requirements in compliance with the law and legislation and ensures the streamlining of business processes and continuous improvement.

ISO-certified companies also enjoy two additional benefits as compliance with internationally-recognized standards helps increase customer satisfaction and gives certified companies a positive image.

CIAC President and CEO Alexander Cauguiran congratulated the organization and the CIAC Quality for the achievement that ensures the full implementation of the quality management system in CIAC.

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Things are looking up for the Clark International Airport (CRK).

In span of three months, flag carrier Philippine Airlines launched four flights to four destinations: Caticlan in December; an international flight to Incheon in January; and, Cebu and Davao in February. And this month, on March 26, PAL will start a Clark-Palawan service via Puerto Princesa and
Busuanga. .

Air Asia will follow suit a day later, March 27, is set to launch thrice weekly flights from Clark
to Kalibo and four times weekly flights to and from Davao by April 22, further boosting CRK operations and passenger traffic.

These are in addition to the airlines already in Clark that include Emirates Airlines via Dubai, Qatar Airways via Doha, Asiana Airlines via Incheon, Jin Air via Incheon and Busan, Cebu Pacific Air via Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and domestic flights to Cebu, along with Cathay Dragon via Hong Kong and Tiger Air via Singapore.

International cargo and forwarding service providers FedEx and UPS also mount a weekly average
of 23 international and domestic cargo flights from the Clark airport.

Data from the CIAC Corporate Planning Department showed that as of March 13, 2017, thee are
already 186 flights per week, 146 of which are international Incheon, Busan, HK, Macau, SG, Dubai, and Doha while 40 are domestic – Cebu, Caticlan, Davao.

Passenger traffic will increase further as China Eastern Airlines is set to operate at the Clark airport in the coming months. CIAC President and CEO Alexander Cauguiran said the Chinese airline is finalizing plans to augment its network and use the Clark airport as one of their hubs.
So the Clark airport will be needing further development and a bigger terminal.

The development of the Clark International Airport has gained support from the city councils of Angeles, Mabalacat, and San Fernando that expressly articulated in separate resolutions they all passed recently calling for the immediate transfer of funds that the Department of Transportation allotted for the Clark International Airport.

Things are looking up.

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Now I am REALLY confused.

Before, several studies showed that eggs are bad for the body. That eggs are this and that and primarily, high in cholesterol. Later on, another study revealed that eggs are good for the body.

An article on Live Science reported that eggs are fine and may actually improve one’s health because they contain nutrients that are difficult to find in other foods. Eggs contain protein and are the gold standard that other proteins are measured against; choline that is important for brain development in fetuses and important for brain functions in adults; lutein and zeaxanthin, phytochemicals that help prevent eye diseases; and Vitamin D that helps in the absorption of calcium and is also important for the heart and colon.

It was also revealed in the same report that eggs on their own are healthy.

Unfortunately, eggs are also taken with other food that are high in saturated fat such as bacon, sausages and buttered toast, among others.

I for one like eggs. And as the article goes, one just has to personalize one’s meal. It should be balanced and everything should be taken