CSC chair highlights the value of professionalism, compassion towards promoting public interest

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO, Pampanga — Civil Service Commission (CSC) Chairperson Alicia dela Rosa- Bala highlighted the value of professionalism and compassion as vital means for catering the needs of stakeholders and for protecting the interest of the government.

“(This) awarding ceremony is a timely and fitting celebration of the success of RA9485 or the Anti-Red Tape Act (ARTA). We are not only celebrating the realization of ARTA’s objectives, but we also likewise recognize public agencies that showed commendable enthusiasm in the delivery of public service,” Bala said during CSC’s 2016 Regional Awarding of Seal of Excellence for Central Luzon frontline service providers.

The CSC exec also cited the opportunity that public office offers to officials and employees to serve as active catalyst of change in the society and contribute in improving the lives and welfare of Filipino families.

However, despite this opportunity, Bala reminded public officials and employees of the heavy responsibility and expectations imposed on them.

“Since public office is a public trust, you must at all times be accountable to the people, serve them with utmost responsibility, integrity, loyalty and efficiency; and with patriotism and justice; and lead modest lives,” she pointed out.

To live up to this challenge, she said it is crucial that every public official and employee must demonstrate compassion, not only to the Filipino people, but especially to fellow workers in the government.

“We show our care for others when we own their concerns and problems as we do something to promote their wellbeing. We give our service without expecting something in return. More importantly, through compassion, we learn to understand and appreciate the differences and we build mutual empathy and respect for each other,” Bala furthered.

Towards the end of her speech, she congratulated all awardees for accepting the challenge to raise the bar of public service through utmost dedication and professionalism.

“I hope that your selfless commitment for the welfare of our stakeholders will not waver and that it remains all throughout your years in public service. May you all continue to be active instruments in the delivery of enhanced programs and services to our countrymen and women,” she concluded.

The CSC Seal of Excellence is awarded to offices with excellent performance in providing service to the public and its adherence to the requirements prescribed by ARTA. (CLJD/MJLS-PIA 3)