CSF heightens peace and order in ‘Discipline Zones’

The City of San Fernando, thru the City Public Order and Safety Coordinating Office (CPOSCO), conducted its regular monitoring and clearing operation around the city public market and sidewalks to tighten peace and order in the said places referred to as “Discipline Zones” on January 06.

CPOSCO installed tarpaulins calling for public discipline and distributed flyers to urge vehicle drivers to always observe traffic and road safety regulations.

Enforcers also issued violation tickets to illegally-parked vehicles and cleared vendors obstructing passageways and sidewalks.

Louie Clemente, CPOSCO Officer-in-Charge, encouraged the public to cooperate and strictly observe city ordinances on public safety and order.

“We really want to strengthen the peace and order in the community especially in the declared discipline zones. To do this, we need the full cooperation and discipline of the motorists and commuters,” the officer said.

Mayor Edwin “EdSa” Santiago affirmed this importance and encouraged Fernandinos to show discipline and unity in realizing peace and order in the city, which is one of his 10-point agenda.

“This activity is one of the city’s measures to elevate the peace and order status in San Fernando. Let us, Fernandinos, be the first to show discipline and order so other cities and municipalities could follow,” Santiago stressed.

The “Discipline Zone” is a Philippine National Police program wherein national laws and local ordinances in designated areas are strictly implemented and enforced to promote discipline and ensure adherence to the law.

Prohibited acts inside the “Discipline Zone” are as follows: Overloading, Not wearing helmet, Disregarding traffic signs, Over Speeding, Illegal parking, Smoking, Jaywalking, Littering, Vandalism, Illegal vending along passage ways and sidewalks; and, violation of other pertinent statutes.

All Fernandinos are enjoined to adhere to the rules and regulations of the “Discipline Zone” to avoid penalties and sanctions.

Anyone caught violating traffic and public order rules will be sanctioned and meted with fines ranging from P500 to P1000.

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